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Name: ROWE, Henry Welfare

Birth Date: 20 Feb 1872 Redruth

Death Date: 29 Apr 1912 Nairobi, malaria

First Date: 1905 from Johannesburg

Last Date: 1912

Profession: Butcher. Established the Colonial Meat Company, a business he ran until he died. His wife owned a Ladies' Dress Shop in Nairobi which was a great favourite.

Area: Nairobi

Married: Maria Richez ('Madame' Rowe) b. 12 Oct 1876, d. Nairobi 1 Nov 1951

Children: William Davis George and Raoul Bertrand Louis (twins, 24 June 1905 Johannesburg); Inez Denise Henriette (24.9.1909 Nairobi); Harold (1911-Feb 1916)

Book Reference: Gillett, SE, HBEA, Playne, Drumkey, Advertiser, Nicholls, North, Barnes

War Service: 1st Imperial Light Horse, S Africa 1899-1902

General Information:

SE - H.W. Rowe - Jan 1910 and May 1908
Playne - The Colonial Meat Company - Mr H.W. Rowe, the general manager of the Colonial Meat Co. Mr Rowe came to BEA in 1907, and opened the business in question. He was formerly in a similar line in Johannesburg. The company occupies premises in a central position in Government Rd., Nairobi, and besides the ordinary butchery business acts as dealers in sheep and cattle. The company owns a farm of 2000 acres adjoining the municipal boundary, and two other farms - indirectly connected with the business - in the Kedong Valley ........... the company employs 3 Europeans, 2 Swahilis, and about 20 natives. All stock is slaughtered at the municipal slaughterhouse, near the racecourse. Mr Rowe, who resides on the farm known as the Egerton Estate, believes the cattle of BEA to be on a par with those of Zululand ..…..…
Advertiser - 12/6/1908 - Letter re beef and disease from H.W. Rowe of The Colonial Meat Co., Nairobi
Barnes - Nairobi South Cemetery - Henry Welfare Rowe, born 20 Feb 1872, died 18 April 1912 aged 40 - "Henry Welfare Rowe ……. And of Maria Rowe "Madame" born 12 Oct 1876, died  1 Nov 1951
North has Henry Welford Rowe
UK Foreign and Overseas Registers for death

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