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Name: K√úNTZEL, Andreas

Death Date: 16.9.1890 killed at Witu

Nationality: German

First Date: 1889

Last Date: 1890

Profession: Trader - Witu Dec 1889-Jan 1890; arr. Lamu c. 25/8/1890 with 10 Germans intending to erect a saw mill; party dep. Lamu for Witu area 27/8/1890; d. 17/9/1890 killed at Witu after dispute with Sultan; only one member of party survived

Area: Lamu, Witu

Book Reference: North, Ylvisaker

General Information:

Kuntzel, in charge of the sawmill project, got into a heated argument with the Sultan of Witu. Finally, on September 15, Kuntzel, wishing to leave Witu, asked the guard to let him out of the gate. When the guard said, "Wait until I get the Sultan's permission," Kuntzel shot him.
The Sultan of Witu's troops opened fire, killing immediately four of the Germans with him. All Germans immediately became suspect, whether or not they were among those who had come with Kuntzel, and as a result a German was shot in Mkunumbi and four other Germans were shot on plantations near Witu.
North (3) - arr Lamu from Europe with J. Drotliff, C. & F. Horn, J. Jazwicki, J. Klaus, A. Menschel, F. Stauf & J. Urban to erect and operate a sawmill in the Witu area c. 25-8-1890; Party dep. Lamu for Witu to set up base camp 8 miles from Witu town at Mkunumbi 27-8-1890; The Sultan of Witu refused permission for the project & some of the party were taken to Witu town. Kuntzel & the rest of the party, except C. Horne, followed.
They were all disarmed & detained soon after they arrived when Kuntzel got drunk and insulted Sultan 15-9-1890. Party escaped the following morning by killing the gate guard but were pursued & all were killed except Menschel who escaped to Lamu; C. Horne was killed at base camp later the same day.  (Lamu residents F. Darfer & F. Hassler were associated with the Kuntzel sawmill project)  'Of a violent, pugnacious and overbearing disposition' (Euan-Smith, FO 84)
Ylvisaker - In August 1890, Andreas Kunzel, who had first visited Witu in 1886 and had later returned as a planter, arrived in Lamu by German steamship, along with a party of 10 Germans, most of them mechanics. Kunzel brought with him a steam sawmill which he planned to set up in the Witu forest in order to supply Zanzibar and other British and German ports with planks and other timber.

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