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Name: NIVISON, Richard Gordon Douglas (Capt.)

Nee: 'Gordon Nivison', son of Richard and Laura Eliza Nivison

Birth Date: 28.11.1874 Christchurch, Hampshire

Death Date: 3.9.1908 blackwater fever

First Date: 1903

Profession: Farming in Kiambu area 1903

Area: Kiambu

Book Reference: North, Advertiser, Pioneers, EAHB 1906, Gazette, Leader14

War Service: Worcestershire Regt.

General Information:

Advertiser - 12/6/1908 - Capt. Nivison's farm sold at auction £320 to Mr Roberts of Gailey & Roberts (a bargain - depressed market)
Advertiser - 25/9/1908 - Obit. On 3rd inst. At Tangari, Bambura Country - Capt. R.G.D. Nivison succumbed to blackwater fever. Only son of Commander Nivison and Mrs Nivison at present of Limuru. Capt. In Worcestershire Regt., took part in Boer War. Retired from the Army and took up land in Kenya and was looked upon by his fellow settlers with respect as a hard working and successful farmer. His many good qualities made him a general favourite.
Advertiser - 25/9/1908 - Case - Mr Gill, Plaintiff vs D.O. Roberts Defendant - arising out of M.M. De Souza vs R.G.D. Nivison. Applicant - Receiver of estate of R.G.D. Nivison, an insolvent, seeks to set aside the sale of the insolvent's farm at Kamurauli. Farm sold by C. Heyer to D.O. Roberts - supposedly bought farm too cheaply £320 [complicated]
Pioneers - Sir John Hewett - Commander and Mrs Nivison had a dog cart ……….. Mostly people walked or rode ponies …….
Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Kiambu - R. Nivison, Dartmoor, Kiambu
Gazette 15/7/1908 - Application by Patrick Gifford that Captain R.G.D. Nivison be declared insolvent.
Gazette 1/10/1908 - Declared insolvent

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