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Name: PORTMAN, Lionel

Nee: son of the Rev Hon. Walter Berkeley Portman of Sherborne, related to Viscount Portman

Birth Date: 26 Dec 1873 Corton Denham, Somerset

Death Date: 12 Oct 1940 Newbury, Berks

Nationality: British

First Date: 1900

Last Date: 1901

Profession: Appt. 3rd Asst. Collector UP 7/7/1900; arr. Mombasa from England 29/9/1900; arr. Mombasa from Uganda 21/2/1901, dep. for Europe 24/2/1901

Married: In Chelsea 24 Oct1905 Isabel Edith Gathorne Hardy b. 7 Aug 1876 London, d. 4 Feb 1959 Kingsclere, Hants.

Children: none

Author: 'Station Studies' 1902

Book Reference: North, Burke, Web

General Information:

Burke - author
North - Ast. Collector Naivasha, resigned 10/2/1901; Sir Harry Johnston refused to accept his resignation but he left anyway, arr. Mombasa from Naivasha 21/2/1901; dep. Mombasa for Europe 24/2/1901
Web - Cox of the Oxford VIII in 1893

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