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Name: THOMAS, Felix

Birth Date: c.1867 Neutitchen, Moravia

Nationality: Austrian

First Date: 1894

Area: Lamu

Book Reference: North, EAHB 1906, Gazette

General Information:

EAHB 1906 - F. Thomas - Mombasa ?
Gazette - Issued with Bird Licence at Mombasa during semester ending 30/6/1902 - F. Thomas
North - From Neutitschen, Moravia
North - Internat. Freeland Assoc. - Quartermaster in Austrian army; aged 25 arr. Lamu 2/4/1894; expelled from Assoc. "Irredeemably dishonest" (Dugmore); shooting trip up Tana, Menfano with Capt. F.S. Dugmore, Nov 1894 reported to be working as Dugmore's servant Felix Thomas, an Austrian sailor, was caught reselling the expedition’s liquor stock and confined to the third floor of Freeland House. Thomas was panicked by this detention—each time he heard the whistle of their steamship he would run to Wilhelm and beg on his knees to be sent home. Dugmore observed this behavior and, when he deemed Thomas most vulnerable, took him on as a private valet under humiliating terms usually reserved for African servants, including the right to flog Thomas with a baton that he kept in plain view on any table where he sat. Scavenius decried the thefts and Thomas’s treatment under Dugmore, but otherwise admired Thomas’s resourcefulness, and recounts that in Dugmore’s service Thomas killed many Africans and collected the index fingers of his victims. “As you can see,” Scavenius wrote cheerfully, “a useful man under precarious conditions.”

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