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Name: WILSON, C. D. Vernon

Nee: son of James Jeston Vernon Wilson

Birth Date: 1919

Profession: Pembroke No. 20, 1928, Fort Ternan

Book Reference: Pembroke

General Information:

Pembroke - a Mr Max Salvadori wrote in the Spectator of whites in eastern Africa:- There is a small number of young people in Kenya and Tanganyika born and bred on the highlands .... They are usually physically weak and mentally dull. This incensed C.D.V. Wilson, an Old Pembrokian of 17 summers, then at his public school in Britain, who wrote to the paper spiritedly rebutting the contention, picking up on a mistake in Salvadori's letter in which he claimed that Kenya's human density was 18.7 people per square inch. This, Wilson calculated, would have given Kenya 225,212,866,560,000,000 people (a portent of things to come?). Vernon Wilson's reply was not only published in The Spectator, but also in the Pembroke House Magazine's 1937 May term edition. Wilson was thus Pembroke's first alumnus to go into public print.
There is a Vernon Wilson at Mau Summit, Nakuru District, in 1928 - Gazette 1 May 1928
One Vernon Wilson b. 1904 was a missionary in Belgian Congo in 1953

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