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Name: FUCHS, Magnus, Baron

Birth Date: 9.12.1908 Dornbirn, Austria

First Date: 1931?

Profession: Hotel manager

Area: Gilgil, Thomson's Falls, Mbagathi

Married: Anne Elizabeth Mary b. 30.9.1922

Children: son R.C. (Box 109 Nairobi); Michael (23.8.1951)

Book Reference: Pembroke, Barnes, Gazette 1958

General Information:

Pembroke - ' ...... Another recipient of Harold Turner's generosity was a Baron Fuchs. Down and out in the Depression the man turned up in front of the school verandah with his mule and cart, asking for a little food and something to drink. The Turners not only fed him, but offered him a job for his keep. Unlike Hemsted and though a cultured European, he did not take easily to teaching. Faced with (deliberately) uncomprehending pupils and his own limited English vocabulary, he raised his voice and, again to quote Hemsted: - ' ...... his language ....... could be heard everywhere. In fact all classes stopped to listen to his liquid flow of words ......... However some mothers complained that their young hopefuls were being taught words which even they could not understand.' We have no record of what these words were, more is the pity, but Baron Fuchs was asked to move on and Pembroke lost a flamboyant character.
Gazette 19 June 1956 Baron Magnus Fuchs, hotel manager, Nairobi and Baroness Anne Elizabeth Mary Fuchs added to Kiambu electoral list.
KR 1079 for birthdate 
Ancestry Passenger list 19 Feb 1955 Mombasa-London 

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