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Name: TIELE-WINCKLER, Klaus Hubert Wilhelm Adam von, Count

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Birth Date: 27 Jan 1892 Neustadt, Oberschlesien, Germany

Death Date: 14 Nov 1938 Moschen, Oberschlesien

First Date: 1930

Profession: German; interned in WW2; house used by Loreto Convent. Farmer

Area: Lumbwa; 1937 Mnara Estate Koru

Married: 1. In Flims 27 Jan 1919 Alexandra Carolina Bally b. 1896, d. 1968; 2. In Berlin 30 Apr 1924 Isabella Emily Marissa Dagmar Josephine Freiin von Wolff b. 1902, d. 1975; 3. 1933 Marie-Anna C├ęcile Margret Melitta Emmy von Quistorp b.28.6.1894 Crenzow Lassen, Kreis Vorpommen-Greifswald, d. Nairobi 26.2.1977

Book Reference: Hut, EAWL, Red 31, Curtis

General Information:

Gazette 10 June 1977 - wife's probate
Source:- Mrs Raquel Bullingham                           
Memoirs of Maurice B. Tennent - 1927 - 'A German, Count von Tiele Winekla had arrived in Kenya and had bought from Wyndham and Matthews a piece of land some 1500 acres in extent lying to the West of 'Jessinandi' [owned by Algernon Trench]. Whilst his house was being built he lived in the Londiani Hotel, owned by Atkinson. I invited him over to dinner one night thinking that he was dwelling on his farm and did not have to come from as far away as Londiani. This would have been 1927 when I was living in the house that Portman had built. The Count had installed a Dr. Knoll to manage his farm. .….'
Curtis - p. 106 - Photo - The farm to the west of Chepsioni belonging to Rex James and Angie Trench was sold by them to a German settler, Count Tiele-Winckler, who also had estates in Silesia. Loreto Convent, Msongari, girls' secondary school in Nairobi was evacuated from 1941 to 1945 to this house on the Tiele-Winckler land.
Gazette 10 June 1977 wife's probate    

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