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Name: DREYER, John

First Date: 1914

Profession: Oxen driver

Area: Potha, Machakos

Married: Sankie

Book Reference: Hut, Medals, Machakos

General Information:

Medals - East Africa Veterinary Corps - John Dreyer, No. 5052, Corporal
Machakos - A Boer family with 6 children also lived in a round hut down near the dam. They used to sit under a big thorn tree as they had no sitting room. John Dreyer drove oxen and was a great help to Mummy [Mrs Philip Percival]. Mrs Dreyer (Sankie) was a wonderful person, she had no sewing machine and used to borrow Mummy's to make her family's clothes. Having no table she used to sit with the machine on her lap, with excellent results.

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