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Name: TERNAN, Trevor Patrick Breffney CB, CMG, DSO (Brig.-General)

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Nee: 5th son of General A.H. Ternan, ISC

Birth Date: 1.4.1860 South Stoke, Somerset

Death Date: 14.11.1949 at his home in Storrington, Sussex

First Date: 1894 - after a distinguished military career in Egypt and Sudan

Profession: Joined Uganda Rifles, becoming Commandant in 1896. Served in Bunyoro expedition and after further operations in Uganda acted as Commissioner and Consul-General of Uganda Protectorate 1896. Held same post in BEA in 1900

Area: Uganda

Married: In Transvaal 28 June 1906 Dorothy Alsop b. 6 June 1889 Cricklewood, Lancs., d. 27 Aug 1965 Felpham, Sussex

Children: Trevor Alsop Breffney (11 June 1909 Pyrford-1978); Dorothy Marion Noel (22 Dec 1912-1986) (Dawson); Elizabeth Marjorie Breffney (22 Sep 1915 Totnes-1984)

Author: 'Some Experiences of an Old Bromsgrovian' 1930

Book Reference: Who's Who, Gillett, Hobley, Permanent Way, Sitrep 6, Moyse, Tucker, Debrett, EAHB 1905, Hut, North, Curtis, EA Diary 1903, DSO, EAHB 1904

War Service: Manchester Regt.

School: Bromsgrove School and RMC, Sandhurst

General Information:

Fort Ternan, built to protect travellers and surveyors was named after him. He remained in Staff appointments in E. & S. Africa until his retirement in 1908. From 1914-18 served in the Northumbrian Territorial Division.               
Hobley - 1900 - Colonel Ternan, who at that time was Acting Commissioner in charge of Uganda, ordered that the headquarters of the Province should be removed to Kisumu (from Mumias).   
Permanent Way - June 1897 - Acting Commissioner of the Uganda Protectorate in the absence on leave of Mr E.J.L. Berkeley. ...... (more) ...... his health broke down in August 1897 and he had to leave for the coast and hand over the administration of the Protectorate to Mr George Wilson until such time as Mr F.J. Jackson could reach Kampala from Eldama Ravine. ............. Col. Trevor Ternan, who was Acting-Commissioner of the EA Protectorate during the interval between the departure of Sir Arthur Hardinge and the arrival of Sir Charles Eliot in December.  
Sitrep 6 - Africa General Service Medal 1902-56 - Jubaland - Awarded for an expedition in Jubaland 1900/01 under Col. T. Ternan, against the Ogaden Somali's.
Moyse - Manchester Regt. 1895 Major Trevor Ternan arrived in EA ........ End of 1896, Berkeley invalided and Major Ternan became Acting Commissioner as well as Commandant of the Uganda Rifles. ........ 1897 - Ternan troubled by a wound in his shoulder and weakened by many attacks of fever - ordered home on leave. Jackson took over as Acting Commissioner. ......... Oct. 1898 Col Ternan returned and took over from Broome ...... 1899 - appointed Deputy Commissioner of the EA Protectorate ..... Ternan suggested employment of British sergeants as drill instructors etc. and 17 NCO's, selected from Royal Marines and other Regts., left England in Dec. 1897 ............. 1901 - expedition in Jubaland - action at Samasa 16th Feb. under Ternan ........ Mfudu was reached on 7th April and Capt. H.W.R. Millais was left in command. ......... in June 1901 Ternan handed over Jubaland command to Capt. J.E.D. Ward
Tucker - Major Ternan, the Acting Commissioner, who had been in the Nandi country, arrived in Mengo on July 11th 1897                                  Debrett - entered 63rd Regt. 1879, became Capt. 1888, Major and Brevet Lieut.-Col. 1898, and Brevet Col. 1900 (retired 1907); hon. rank of Brig.-Gen. 1917; served during Afghan War 1880-81 (medal), in Egyptian Campaign 1882 (medal, bronze star), with Nile Expedition 1884-5, present at action at Ginnis (despatches, clasp, DSO), as DAAG on Nile Frontier 1886-9 (4th class Osmanieh), as DAAG during operations on Nile, and as Brig.-Maj. of Inf. at battle of Toski (despatches, horse shor, clasp), with Unyoro Expedition 1895 (despatches, medal), in Uganda 1897-9, in command of operations in Nandi and Kabowko (despatches, medal with clasp, Brevet Col.), in command of Ogaden Expedition 1900-01 (medal with clasp), in S. Africa 1901-2 as Inspector-Gen. of Lines of Communication, and Comdg. a Column (Queen's medal with 4 clasps), and during European War 1914-17, Comdg. Tyneside Scottish Brig.; was attached to Egyptian Army 1884-94, and employed with Sudanese troops in Uganda 1894-1900 (also Dep. Commr. and Consul in Uganda 1896-1900), H.M.'s Acting Commr. and Consul-Gen. in BEA Protectorate 1900, AAG, S. Dist. 1903, AAG, S. Africa 1903-5, AQMG there 1905-6, and in command of Standerton Sub-Dist., Transvaal 1906-7; appointed an AA and QMG Aug. 1914; was a Brig.-Com. Dec 1914-17
North - Mil Officer UP; arr. Mombasa 7/12/1894 & dep. for Uganda 9/12/1894; arr. Fort Smith 8/1/1895; dep. for Uganda 15/1/1895; arr. Luba's 20/2/1895; arr. Kampala 5/3/1895; Appt. Brevet Major 25/11/1895; Appt. Commandant Uganda Rifles 29/2/1896; Appt. Deputy Comm. & Commandant Uganda Rifles 26/6/1896; Acting Commissioner UP; dep. Kampala 20/4/1897 on operation against the Nandi, wounded and returned to Kampala 11/7/1897; invalided home, dep. Kampala for coast 17/8/1897, at Elmenteita Sept. 1897; Appt. Brevet Lieut. Col. 5/7/1898; arr. Kampala 2/11/1898 & took command of troops; Local Acting Col. 1899; home leave 1900; Deputy Commissioner EAP Sept 1900; Appt. Acting Consul General EAP from 8/10/1900; Mombasa at 21/10/1900; Kismayu Jan 1901, OC Ogaden Punitive Force; Resigned June 1901
Curtis - p. 127 - 'Mumias, Port Victoria, Kisumu' - ' ....... Once the railway alignment was decided upon developments on the Winam Gulf followed quite rapidly. Orders were given by Colonel Ternan that the provincial headquarters should be gradually moved from Mumias to Port Florence, the move to begin in May 1899 .......... Hobley as PC moved into the township in May of 1900.
Uganda Journal Vol 2 No 2 - Cook - Further Memories of Uganda - ……. Entebbe - 'Upon landing' Ternan wrote 'I went off at once to report to Jackson, but had forgotten that not having shaved since leaving the Coast, I was adorned by a thin straggling, reddish-coloured beard; my costume was also hardly as smart as it might have been for the occasion, consisting as it did of a very worn and patched pair of knickers, a flannel shirt, and a very battered and faded terai hat. I sported the remains of a large white-and-green umbrella to keep off the sun. The result was that Jackson, who saw me approaching, at once jumped to the conclusion that I was a missionary, and it was some time before we got matters straight as to my identity.'
Gazette - 1/7/1901 - Colonel Trevor Ternan was entertained by 41 members of the Mombasa Club at a farewell dinner on 25th ultimo. Sir Charles Eliot occupied the chair and after the loyal toast proposed the health of the guest of the evening and expressed the regret that all the Members of the Club and of the Mombasa community felt at the loss of so genial and hospitable a member of the East African Protectorate.
1939 England and Wales Register living in Twickenham with wife

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