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Name: TEW, George McLeod

Nee: bro in law of John Patrick Moore

Birth Date: 9 Nov 1873 Glasgow

Death Date: 8.2.1913 Andover, Hampshire

Nationality: British

First Date: 1899 - after SA and Indian Police from 1893-97

Profession: Went to EA to join Railway Police. At that time thousands of Indians were employed on the Railway and a separate Police Force was established but in 1902 the Prot. and Railway Police were amalgamated. He continued to serve for some years

Area: Mombasa, 1909 Naivasha

Married: In Bombay 15 Feb 1904 Mary Belinda Moore b. 16 Jan 1878 Karachi, d. 25.12.1960 Ealing

Children: Dorothy Ellen Martha (16.2.1905 Mombasa-1999)

Book Reference: Gillett, Cuckoo, Police, Kill, EAHB 1905, Hut, North, Playne, Drumkey, EAS, Advertiser, EAHB 1906, Gazette, EAHB 1904, EAHB 1907

General Information:

Cuckoo - mentions him as Inspector of Indian Railway Police at Mombasa
Police - In charge of the Railway Police at Mombasa. ........ Inspector G. McL. Tew, recently promoted to Asst. Superintendent, left the Railway Police on its amalgamation with the BEA Police on July 1st 1904, and was posted to Naivasha in command of the Police of that Province.
Kill - Superintendent of Railway Police
EAHB 1905 - Asst. Dist. Supt. of Police, Mombasa April 1st 1903
North - Formerly with Indian Police; Railway Police; Settlers Game Licence issued 19/9/1899; Deputy Head of Railway Police in Mombasa 1900; EAP Police 1902; Asst. Superintendent of Police EAP following amalgamation 1/4/1903; Based at Naivasha 19/4/1903; 1906 Naivasha
Playne - Mr Tew came to BEA in 1899, and joined the Indian Railway Police Force. At that time many thousands of Indians were employed on the railway, and a separate police force was required. In 1902 the Protectorate and Railway Police Forces were amalgamated. Mr Tew, who was born in Glasgow, served 4 years in India in the Indian Police Force, and was also some years in South Africa. ........ Assistant District Superintendent in 1909
Drumkey 1909 - Police - Assistant District Supdt.
EAS - 15/1/1903 - Mr G. McLeod Tew (who is shortly to be raised to the superior grade in the Police Force I hear) has been seriously ill since Christmas with black water fever. ……… able nursing of Miss Lamb he is now on way to recovery.
EAS - 15/1/1903 - Mr Tew went out last Saturday for the first time and is staying with Mr & Mrs Grierson for a little while where he will be well looked after.
Advertiser - 11/12/08 - Nakuru Agricultural Show - donations from - G. McLeod Tew
Gazette - 1/5/1902 - Played for 'The Rest' in a cricket match against the EA Protectorate

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