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Name: THOMPSON, William Brownrigg 'John Bull'

Birth Date: 1872

Death Date: 12 March 1952 Machakos

First Date: 1910

Last Date: 1952

Profession: Opened a saddlery business on a plot next to his bungalow at junction of Sclaters Rd. and Mpaka Rd., Westlands. After WW1 worked with Sir Northrup McMillan's racing stud. Farmer

Area: Nairobi, Machakos. Red 25 - Honorary Permit Issuer, 1930 Mua Farms, Athi River

Married: His wife had a Ladies' Dress Shop on Government Rd. ?see Mrs A. O. Thompson

Book Reference: Gillett, Empire, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, EAMR, Macmillan, Red 22, Barnes

War Service: Served locally during WW1 with EAMR - B Sqdn. 8/8/14 - 11/5/15 - Sergt. 10/8/14; SSM 26/9/14; to Scouts 22/10/14

General Information:

Known as John Bull, owing to a remarkable likeness to the imaginary character, he always led the Nairobi ex-servicemen on ceremonial occasions
Empire - After WW1 an important stud was formed by Lady McMillan at Mua Farms ........ many useful animals have been turned out here under the capable hands of Mr W.B. Thompson. Lady McMillan has now transferred this stud to Limuru, a place more suited to breeding in many ways ..... under the management of Mr Nixon. ...……
Red 22 - Honorary Permit Issuer
Barnes - Nairobi City Park Cemetery - William Brownrigg Thompson, died 12 Mar 1952 aged 80, buried on farm near Machakos
KAD 1922 has W.B. Thompson, Mua Farms Machakos and Red 25
Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Ukamba Voters List

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