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Name: THORNE, Norman

Nee: bro of Henry, Arnold Linsley, Regginald Francis, Norman, Muriel, Percival Gaunt, Christiana Margaret, Bessie, Joyce and Gerald Thorne

Birth Date: 1877 Bramhope, Yorkshire

Death Date: 2.6.1915 Nairobi, pneumonia

First Date: 1904

Profession: Started general building business at Nakuru with brothers. Speciality was waggon building and furniture making, though general repair work and fencing contracts were also undertaken. Later farmed at Ndaragua in the Aberdares

Area: Nakuru, Ndaragua, Kiambu

Book Reference: Gillett, SE, White Man, Hut, Playne, Drumkey, North, EAHB 1907, Red Book 1912, HBEA,Gazette, Barnes, Leader14

General Information:

Stephen Ellis has Thorne Bros.
White Man - 1920 - Delamere had bought some land (about 20,000 acres) at Nderagua on the slopes of the Aberdares, half from Galbraith Cole and half from Mr Thorne who had found the farm too far away from the railway to make it pay.
Playne - Thorne Brothers (Nakuru) - The builder is obviously a very useful person in a new country like BEA, and Thorne Brothers cannot complain of any lack of work since they established themselves in 1906 as general builders, coach, waggon, and furniture makers. Carpentry and repairing of all sorts is also undertaken, as well as contracts for fencing, 100 miles of which have already been put up for customers. Messrs. Thorne had had previous experience in Johannesburg in this kind of business. When they came to BEA in 1904, Mr P.G. Thorne went at first to work for Lord Delamere, and Messrs H. & N. Thorne farmed at Ndragua, on the Aberdare Hills. Thorne Brothers have also started as brickmakers. Bricks are now being made at Njoro after 8 months experimenting ........ about 70 hands are employed in this department of the business alone. At Nakuru a new building for workshops etc. is to be erected early in 1909. Mr P.G. Thorne is Secretary to the Rift Valley Sports Club, the Pastoralists' Association, and the Nakuru Show Committee.
Red Book 1912 - N. Thorne - Nairobi
Gazette - 15/4/1912 - Dissolution of Partnership - between William Denniss, Norman Thorne and Gerald Oliver Adams as Denniss and Thorne, Kamasset Estate, near Kyambu was dissolved by mutual consent. Business to be carried on by Norman Thorne
Gazette - 7/7/15 - Probate & Admin. Norman Thorne of Komassai, Ruiru who died at Nairobi on 2/6/15. Applied for by Mary Caroline Thorne, widow
Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Kiambu - N. Thorne, Komasai Estate, Kiambu [mother, née Thompson]]
Barnes - Nairobi South Cemetery - N. Thorne, died June 1915, buried 3 June 1915
Leader14 - N. Thorne - Kiambu
Red Book 1912 - N. Thorne - Kyambu

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