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Name: TODD, John Henry Sydney

Nee: bro of William Burton Todd and Bertie Burton Todd

Birth Date: 1880 Bishopwearmouth

Death Date: 5.2.1936 Nairobi

First Date: 1905

Last Date: 1936

Profession: In 1903 he formed a syndicate to take up a large area of land between Fort Ternan and Muhoroni and arrived two years later to begin development. He and his companions tried cotton, maize, sheep, rubber and finally coffee.Stores & Provision Merchants

Area: Muhoroni/Fort Ternan, Nairobi. KAD 1922 - J.H. Todd, Nairobi, 1930 Box 24, Nairobi, Elmenteita

Married: Mary Jordan b. 12 May 1875 Glasgow, d. 29.4.1946 Nairobi (prev. m. William Paterson 1873-1900)

Children: William Paterson (22 May 1894 Glasgow-21 Dec 1932 Nairobi) (stepson); Beatrice Ibea Burton (Bond) (27 Jan 1911 Nairobi-1973 Fulham); John Henry Sydney (13.7.1918 Nairobi-1995 UK)

Book Reference: Gillett, SE, HBEA, Eldoret, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Playne, Macmillan, Drumkey, Red 22, Land, Advertiser, Gazette, Racing, Barnes, Nicholls, EAHB 1907, SKP, Leader14, Red Book 1912, Habari 2009

War Service: RAMC

General Information:

SE - J.H.S. Todd - July 1907
Their funds were exhausted by such investigations and they were then raided by the Nandi and lost all their possessions. They had to be escorted off their land by the KAR and not until two years later would the authorities permit them to return. He next established an Agency and general business in Nbi. and could claim that he was the first established Manufacturer's Representative in EA. A keen lover of horses, he imported much bloodstock. Also keen on football, golf tennis and hockey.  
Stephen Ellis's ledger shows J.H.S.Todd & Co. Dec 1909, also Todd & Van Praag, Contractors Nov. 1907 [see R.W. Todd]
Eldoret - Notes on the Early Days in Eldoret by Mrs Dorothy Hughes - "... My father built the first "shop" of wood and iron in the main street for J.H.S. Todd and they stocked just about everything needed for the farmers. It had a lovely wide verandah back and front, and stood until quite recently. ......…"       
Red 25 - Hardware Merchants - J.H. Todd & Co. Ltd., Government Rd. P.O. Box 24, Nairobi
Hut - 1st settler Kipsomwe Fort Ternan. Raided by Nandi 1905 later went to Nairobi
Playne - The many interests centred in BEA are well looked after by Messrs. J.H.S. Todd & Co. who established themselves in Nairobi in 1906 and Mombasa in 1908, as general merchants and commission agents, and wholesale wine and spirit merchants. A large floating stock is always carried of general merchandise, soft goods, and hardware, and a speciality is made of trading goods for natives. The firm are large exporters of ivory, hides, beeswax, gum, and other local products. The firm is managed by Mr J.H.S. Todd in Nairobi and in Mombasa by a brother. 2 European assistants are employed in Nairobi and 1 in Mombasa .......….
Mr Todd since 1904 has had farms at Fort Ternan, in the Kisumu Province, in extent some 7000 acres. Seven rivers run through the property, and there is a fine waterfall which could be used for power or irrigation purposes. There is plenty of timber for the firm's own use. Undulating land extends from the surrounding hills to the Lake. ....... The natives term this part of the country "The Fat Land". .......
Operations were started on the farms in 1906, but on account of being raided by the Nandi, who swept off everything including farm implements, farming, for the time being, had to be abandoned. A claim was made on the Government for about £300, and 18 months later 50 per cent of the amount was received in full settlement of the claim. Nothing has been done on the property since, but it is shortly hoped to start developing in fibre and stock.
Macmillan - 1930 - J.H.S. Todd & Co. Ltd., General Merchants - Their business was founded in 1906 by Mr J.H.S. Todd, who is ably assisted in its control by his son Mr W.P. Todd.
Macmillan - 1930 - General Agencies Ltd. - One of the oldest and most influential businesses at Nairobi. Established in 1906, and after various changes in the personnel, the firm was formed in 1924 into the present limited liability company, of which the Managing Director is Mr J.H.S. Todd, founder of the business of Messrs. J.H.S. Todd and Co.
Red 22 - J.H.S. Todd & Co., Ibea Buildings, Government Rd., Nairobi - General Merchants
Land - 1909 - J.H.S. Todd - Agricultural and grazing, 1257 acres, Lumbwa, 28-3-04, Registered 27-1-09
Land - H.C. Smith and J.H.S. Todd - Grazing, 1194 acres, Nyando River, 28-3-04, Registered 22-1-08
Land - 1908 - G. Gunn and J.H.S. Todd - Grazing 1194 acres, Nyando River, 28-3-04, Registered 22-1-08
Land - 1908 - J.H.S. Todd - Grazing, 1224.12 acres, Nyando River, 28-3-04, Registered 27-6-08
Advertiser - Friday April 2, 1909 - Government School Prizegiving - Standard VI Form Prize - Willie Todd
Land - 1910 - J.H.S. Todd - Buildings, 1529.1 sq.ft. - Londiani - 18/4/10 - Leasehold for 99 years from 1/5/10 - Registered 12/9/10
Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Nairobi District - J.H.S. Todd, Government Road
Racing - Owner of 'Corrib' - 1929
Racing - Owner of 'Garron' by 'Happy Warrior' - 'Saxham Cat' - 1929
Nairobi Forest Road Cemetery - John Henry Sidney Todd, British, age 54, bb. 1869 [wrong] died 5/2/36 and Mary Jordan Todd d. 29 Apr 1946
SKP - 1938 - Society of Kenya Pioneers - over 30 years in Colony - Mrs J.H.S. Todd arrived Jan 1906, Nairobi
Red Book 1912 - J.H.S. Todd - Nairobi
Habari 2009 - Eldoret - The first shop of wood and iron in the main street belonged to J H S Todd. It catered for agricultural needs and was built by Max Ullman the father of Dorothy Ullman (later Hughes)
Gazette - Voters List 1936 - Expunged from Nairobi North Register - John Henry Sydney Todd, Merchant, Lower Kabete Rd.

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