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Name: TOMPSON, Alan Hawtin

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Nee: cousin of Ronald Fawcett Carrier Tompson

Birth Date: 23 Jan 1880 Denham, Bucks.

Death Date: 27 Sep 1915 killed in action at Loos

First Date: 1903

Last Date: 1915

Profession: Farmer at Karura Farm, Ruaraka and had other landed interests. (Much later the Spread Eagle Hotel was built on part of the original farm)

Area: Ruaraka

Married: In London 17 July 1915 Gladys Bullough b. 1888. d. 11 Sep 1973 Chelsea

Children: George

Book Reference: North, Gillett, Nellie, Rhodesia, Cranworth, Red 31, Hut, EAMR, Playne, CWGC, Drumkey, Land, Kiambu Scrapbook, Advertiser, Racing, North, EAHB 1907, Barnes, Red Book 1912

War Service: EAMR has A. Tompson A Sqdn. 2/9/14 - 27/4/15. WW1 went to England, joined a Guards Regt. & was killed in action

School: Charterhouse, Trinity Coll Cambridge

General Information:

No known grave. His name, with that of his brother is inscribed on Muthaiga War Memorial and it is also on the Loos Memorial. After death of her husband his widow went to EA for the first time and continued his farming interests. She bequeathed a small house and some land to Mrs Mallett, a centenarian of Kenya.
Nellie - A bachelor who put us up sometimes at Karura, a hovel where you sat on petrol boxes, your feet on loose dusty floors inhabited by myriads of fleas, and ate the most divine things out of tins from Fortnum and Mason.                                                                                                Rhodesia - Lord Cranworth - 'Alan Thompson, who became a partner of mine, and who seemed to me to have the intellect, the character, and the personality to rise to almost any height. It was a tragedy for Kenya when he fell in WW1.                                             
Cranworth - 1906 - Alan Tompson had been a very fine schoolboy athlete, and indeed made 150 in the freshmen's match at the University, but then deserted the game and the certainty of a Blue to work for a high degree, in which he succeeded, taking a first-class in Honours, showing thereby a combination of brain and grit none too common ....... till War he was in the van of every new industry started ....... wasted no money on either clothes or travel .... At the beginning of the War he served as a trooper of the EAMR in the Protectorate with his great friend Mervyn Ridley. When the inaction chafed their ardent spirits they obtained together commissions in the Grenadier Guards, and he lost his life at Loos within a few weeks of landing. He never spoke an unkind word ....... His wife, it is a happiness to record, still carries on his great tradition. ......... An original partner in Sisal Ltd with Lord Cranworth and others.
Playne - Gailey and Roberts - "Enterprise is the keystone of success." Messrs Gailey and Roberts recognised this when, early in 1904, they established themselves as retail ironmongers and licensed surveyors. They had previously come to BEA under the Foreign Office, on railway construction, as executive engineers, and after leaving the railway they started as direct importers. .......... The firm occupies two plots in town and one plot on the railway line. Mr Allan Tompson and Mr R. Handcock came in as partners in 1905. The farmer can obtain anything from this firm for agricultural purposes, as they have, together with the Nairobi Engineering Works, practically the sole monopoly in that line. The firm also acts as bankers' agents etc. ........ At present they employ 8 Europeans and several Indians and natives. Buildings are contracted for by the fiirm, and easy terms of payment can be arranged. Irrigation works are also carried out, both Messrs Gailey and Roberts having had considerable practical experience in this direction.
Mr Gailey, at the time of writing, is in charge of the Kilindini Harbour Extension.
CWGC has Alan Hawtin Tompson, Second Lieutenant, 4th Bn., Grenadier Guards, who died on Monday, 27th September 1915. Age 35. Son of John Alfred and Marie Louise Tompson; husband of Gladys Tompson (née Bullough). Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais. Panel 5 to 7
Land - A.H. Tompson leased 5335 acres at Uasin Gishu, passed to Mrs G. Tompson and R.H.T. Handcock
Kiambu Scrapbook - 'Mr Alan Tompson, a cousin of Ronald and very much better known among early settlers, had settled on Karura Farm in about 1905 or 1906, and had built a square house consisting of a dining room and bedroom made of mud and wattle and a sitting room at the back of corrugated iron. It also had a corrugated iron roof. Though two stone wings for spare bedrooms and bathrooms were added by his widow in later years, the original house still stood until Mr Hirschfeld bought the farm in the late fifties and pulled it down.
Kiambu Scrapbook - Another very early settler was Mr Alan Tompson on Karura Farm, which he had carved out of the indigenous forest ceratinly by 1906. Mr Tompson also owned land in other parts of Kenya and was one of the most well known and popular men in Kenya in early days. He was killed in World War I, but his widow, who had married him in Great Britain soon after war broke out, came to Kenya in the Garth Castle (1919) and lived in Kiambu until the late fifties in the old house her husband had built. She also had a thriving dairy farm on Karura.
Land - 1910 - A.H. Tompson - Grazing and agricultural, 5649 acres (Farms Nos. 5, 6) - Uasin Gishu - 24/11/05 - Leasehold for 99 years from 1/4/09 - Registered 24/8/10
Advertiser - 12/6/1908 - Appointments - To be unofficial members of the Road Board in their respective Provinces - Ukamba - Lord Cardross, A.H. Thompson
Racing - Owner of 'Jamquick' - 1929 - Mrs Alan Tompson
Racing - Owner of 'Sleighbells' - 1929 - Mrs Alan Tompson
Barnes - Muthaiga Club War Memorial - 27 Sep 1915 aged 35, Second Lieut. Grenadier Guards, Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais, France
Red Book 1912 - A. Tompson - Kyambu
Gillette - Spent first two years travelling over much of the country to decide which part to settle in and also took part in extensive hunting safaris. 1905 became a partner with Messrs Gailey & Roberts. Then bought land near Kiambu.
Experimented with coffee, fruit trees etc. bred up a fine dairy herd and had a very successful dairy business.   
HBEA 1912 - c/o Messrs. Gailey & Roberts, Nairobi.
Hut - 1903 Karura Ruaraka dairy, partner with Gailey & Roberts coffee. His wife bequeathed house to Mrs Mallett 100+ Gazette - 27/9/16 - Probate & Admin. - Alan Hawtin Thompson of Karura Farm, Nairobi, killed in action in France 27/9/15
Red 31 has Mrs Allan Tompson, Box 499, Nbi.
Colonial Annual Report, 1910-11, p. 68 A.E. [sic] Tompson gets 5,816 acres of Grazing & Agricultural Land on the Uasin Gishu (Farm Nos. 9 & 15) for 99 years w.e.f. 1st April 1909, at a cost of 174.48 rupees payable annually. The lease was issued on 24th Aug 1910. A.H. Tompson gets 5,649 acres (Farm Nos. 5 & 6) on exactly the same basis, with rent payable at 169.47 annually. At the same time his cousin R.F.C. Tompson gets 4,776 acres (farm Nos. 10,11,12, & 13) on the same basis and dates, but with an annual rent of 143.28 rupees
Charlotte Hitch (Buddery) letters: Mrs Tompson is a jolly-looking woman with a fresh complexion, blue eyes, and a helpless stammer. Her husband was killed a fortnight after their marriage. She is the prettiest woman 

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