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Name: TOWNSEND, Alfred Ernest

Birth Date: 11.12.1871 Brisbane, Australia

Death Date: ? 20.7.1956 Matraville, NSW, Australia

First Date: 1905 - from Gold Coast

Profession: Civil engineer. Appointed to EA Survey Dept. Initially the District Surveyor for the Coastal District, he was later Deputy Director for about 15 years

Area: Coast, Nairobi

Book Reference: Gillett, SE, HBEA, KAD, Playne, Drumkey, EAHB 1906, Harmony, North, EAHB 1907, Leader14, Colonial, Red Book 1912, Red 19

School: Brisbane Grammar School

General Information:

He was a keen Freemason.
SE - Townsend - May 1908
KAD 1922 - Director of Land Surveys, Cadastral Branch
Playne - Mr Townsend is an Australian. He was born in Brisbane, Queensland, on December 11, 1871, and educated at Brisbane Grammar School. He came to EA from the Gold Coast on August 24, 1905. His present position is Deputy Director of Surveys (Cadastral Branch). Mr Townsend's services in Australia and Africa are as follows: Pupil to Mr T. Pearson Porter, Staff Surveyor to Queensland Survey Dept., 1889-91; Chief Assistant to Mr Donald Farquhar Maclean, Resumption Surveyor and Queensland Railways Dept. 1891-1902; Asst. Surveyor, Gold Coast Survey, under Major Wutherston, RE, CMG 1902-05; transferred to BEA as Surveyor in 1905; was made District Surveyor for coastal districts, 1906; Asst. Director, Surveys, Cadastral Branch, 1906; Acting Deputy Director, 1908. Mr Townsend was elected Treasurer, Lodge Scotia, Nairobi in 1909.
Drumkey 1909 - Survey Department - Cadastral Survey - Assistant Director
EAHB 1906 - Pupil to Mr Tendal P. Porter Staff Surveyor Queensland Survey Dept. 1889-1891; Chief Assistant to Mr D.F. MacLean, Resumption Surveyor and Queensland Railways Dept. 1891-1902; Assistant Surveyor Gold Coast Survey under Major Watherston CBRE 1902-05; Surveyor British EA Protectorate August 24th 1905
Member of Lodge Harmony - Initiated 5/8/07, age 35, Civil Engineer, Nairobi
North - Formerly Asst. Surveyor Gold Coast; appt. Asst. Surveyor EAP & arr. Mombasa from Europe 24/8/1905
Leader14 - Deputy Director - Trigonometrical and Topographical Dept.
Colonial 1912 - Cadastral Survey - Deputy Director
Red Book 1912 - Survey Dept. - Cadastral Branch - Dy. Director
Gazette - 12/11/1919 - Register of Voters - Nairobi, South Area - Alfred Ernest Townsend - Survey Department - Mackenzie Road
Red Book 1919 - Survey Dept. - Cadastral Branch - Deputy Director
HBEA 1912 - Deputy Director, Cadastral Branch, Survey Dept.

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