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Name: NICHOLAS, Peter Gerald

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Nee: son of Gerald Basil and Laetitia Nicholas

Birth Date: 8 July 1927 Nairobi

Death Date: July 1902 Kenya

Profession: Farmer, fought Mau Mau

Area: Kikuyu

Book Reference: mini-SITREP XIII, Stud, mini-Sitrep XXI

General Information:

mini-SITREP XIII - 'They Staked their Lives on Mau Mau Disguise' by R.V. Gillman - '........ The commander of these "men of the Kenya Regiment" was Captain Francis Erskine (later awarded the Military Cross, with a secret citation). He is an old Etonian, son of Mr Derek Erskine who is a former member of Kenya Legislative Council, and grandson of a British MP. Among his companions was a friend of schooldays in Nairobi, a temporary Kikuyu Guard District Officer, named Peter Nicholas. At 26, he was two years older than Erskine, and he has since received the George Medal for "tenacity, ingenuity, daring and outstanding leadership." Both Kenya-born, these two are typical of the men who tricked Mau Mau and gambled their lives on a disguise. .....…..The George Medal citation for Peter Nicholas described how, with eight Africans, he attacked a 30-strong Mau Mau gang. Disguised as a terrorist, he got right inside the gang's hideout and opened fire on them as they slept. Two of the loyal Africans were wounded as the startled gangsters grabbed their guns and fired back. But Nicholas chased all the terrorists outside into the bush and remained in the hide-out all night. He drove off several counter-attacks, and at dawn found twelve dead terrorists, 13 rifles, ammunition and supplies.
EA Stud Book 1954 - Cattle - Ayrshires - Paul J. Nicholas, Ngong
EA Stud Book 1954 - Cattle - Jerseys - P.J. Nicholas, Ngong
mini-Sitrep XXI  - Peter Gerald Nicholas GM (KR2083/4326) died July 2002 in Kenya

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