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Name: HOPKINS, Michael John 'Hoppy'

Nee: son of William John Hopkins

Birth Date: 9.8.1927 Kenya

Death Date: 14.9.2015 Teignmouth, Devon

Profession: Aircraft mechanic

Area: Konza, Nairobi

Married: ?In Wells, Somerset 1962 Laureen Harvey b. 1945 Cheadle

Book Reference: Pembroke, Campling

General Information:

Pembroke No. 191, 1939, Box 1255, Nairobi. 
Campling - Michael 'Hoppy' Hopkins joined CBV in early 1951 as an apprentice engineer from Clairways …. 'Hoppy' whose family farmed at Konza, was Kenya born and had been just old enough to join the RAF towards the end of the war …. Posted to the Middle East and the Sudan as flight mechanics, they found that their main contact with aircraft was to spray them with DDT to foil the spread of yellow fever. ….. 'Hoppy' learnt to fly with CBV under the Flying Subsidy Scheme in 1948 but did not take his commercial liocence until Keith [Campling] insisted that he do so in early 1960. …….. At one stage Hoppy, together with his father, acquired the Piper Cruiser VP-KFU that had previously belonged to Mervyn Morgan ………….  Hoppy, a very quiet and unassuming man, proved to be a conscientious worker and a meticulous  engineer and was very loyal to Keith and CBV, and stayed with them until just before the company sold out in 1963
KR 4867

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