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Name: KING, L. F., Miss

First Date: 1914

Profession: CMS missionary

Area: Tanganyika?

Book Reference: Clarke's Africana

General Information:

Clarke's Africana Books for Sale - King, L.F. Missionary Notebook and Album - 94pp, full red padded leather with metal corners on upper cover - Miss L.F King worked as a missionary with the CMS in East Africa. In this little notebook she recorded occasional notes, poems and sketches of her life and work. She appears to have been captured by the Germans in 1914 and spent two years as a prisoner of war mainly at Tabora.
The second half of the album records her prison experiences. There are numerous signatures of fellow prisoners - mainly missionaries but some of servicemen from the Belgian Congo. There are a few simple sketches of prison life - one of a watercart which the prisoners were forced to pull daily accompanied by a poem: 'some worked in the field and some in the court, And others did things which they "did not ought", Most of us pulled on that old Water Cart, And though cursed by the Germans, we kept Good Heart.' There is a sketch of the prison camp at Tabora dated 16th June 1916 and three small sketches of life in the camp. Though not a daily diary (which would presumably have not been allowed by the Germans) she manages to give a flavour of camp life.

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