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Name: LUCY, Alice Mary, Mrs

Nee: Beasley

Birth Date: 26 Aug 1877 Norton and Lenchwick, Worcs.

Death Date: 22 Apr 1959 Timau

First Date: 1907

Profession: Furrier

Area: Nairobi

Married: John Puckmore 'Jack' Lucy (1875-1950), big game hunter

Children: Irene May (2.7.1908 Nairobi)

Book Reference: Macmillan, Childhood

General Information:

Macmillan - 1930 - Mrs Jack Lucy, Furrier, Central Buildings, Government Rd. -  ….. The fame of the Tanganyika hyrax for fur coats, etc., has been greatly enhanced by the enterprising activities of Mrs Jack Lucy, who has built up an exceedingly interesting business as a furrier and curio dealer. Her husband Mr Jack Lucy, is a noted big game hunter, and Mrs Lucy, by accompanying him on his expeditions has acquired a thorough knowledge of the skins and furs of the fauna of Kenya and the neighbouring territories. In 1921 she began putting her knowledge and experience in that connection to good commercial use. …. Mrs Lucy also makes all kinds of charming handbags, tobacco pouches, etc. of various furs, which are in popular demand for gifts or as mementoes of the country.
Childhood - Nan Benson née Bradley - During the slump in the 20s money was really tight. My mother worked for Mrs Jack Lucy who ran a Fur Shop. Mum sold the fur coats to visiting film stars and in the holidays my brother and I would have to occupy ourselves behind a screen during the clients' visits. Mrs Riley was the furrier ……
Gazette 14 July 1959 probate for Alice May [sic] Lucy

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