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Name: GALANOS, Christos OBE

Death Date: 29 June 1957 Athens

First Date: 1908

Last Date: 1957

Profession: Farmer

Area: 'Tungi' Tanga, Nairobi

Married: Yes

Book Reference: EA & Rhodesia

General Information:

East Africa & Rhodesia - 21/2/52 - Mr & Mrs Christos Galanos have promised £50,000 to the Kenya European Hospital Association towards the cost of the new general hospital.
Mr Galanos, who went to Kenya in 1908, and has farms in the Colony and in Tanganyika, was recently elected president of the Greek Community of Kenya.
East Africa & Rhodesia - 11/7/57 - Mr Christos Galanos, OBE, of Tanga and Nairobi, one of the pioneers of East Africa, died in Athens last week. He was thought to be a nonagenarian and had been in excellent health until recently. Early in this century he arrived in what was then German East Africa from Macedonia and, like many of his Greek compatriots, undertook sub-contracts during the building of the railways. In 1908 he went to Kenya but returned to the German Colony to grow coffee and later sisal. About five years ago, being dissatisfied with the attitude of the Tanganyika Government in regard to land tenure questions, he transferred his home and substantial sums of money to Nairobi. His large fortune has been left in trust for charitable and other public purposes. Among the assets of the trust are three sisal estates and a coffee plantation in Tanganyika, two sisal estates and a ranch in Kenya, and houses and other properties in both countries.
Gazette 18 Mar 1958 probate
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