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Name: BELCHER, Charles Frederic OBE, Sir

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Birth Date: 11 July 1876 Geelong, Australia

Death Date: 7 Feb 1970 Kokstad, S Africa

Profession: Lawyer, Colonial Legal Service

Married: In Westminster 9 June 1908 Sara Visger b. 22 Oct 1885 Lewisham, d. 20 Nov 1965 Kokstad, South Africa

Children: Elizabeth (23 Apr 1909 Ealing-1997); William Redmond (1 Jan 1912 Geelong-1999); Barbara Mary (4 Mar 1924 Blantyre, Nyasaland-1924)

Book Reference: Debrett, EA & Rhodesia, Red 19

School: Geelong, Australia and at Melbourne Univ.

General Information:

Debrett - Bar. Gray's Inn 1909 (Certificate of Honour); in Uganda Vol. Reserve 1914-16; was a Magistrate, Uganda 1916, Assist. Judge Zanzibar, and a Member of HBM's Court of Apeal for East Africa 1920, Attorney-Gen Nyasaland 1920, Judge of High Court of Nyasaland 1924-27 (also sat as a Judge of Appeal Court for E. Africa), Ch. Justice Cyprus 1927-30 (acted as Pres. HBM's Supreme Court of Appeal for Egypt 1928), and Ch. Justice of Trinidad and Tobago and Pres. W. Indian Court of Appeal 1930-36; retired 1937; Ch. Legal Adviser, Civil Affairs Branch, E. Africa Command 1942-5
East Africa & Rhodesia - 6/1/55 - Sir Charles Belcher who has lived in Kenya since his retirement from the Colonial Legal Service 20 years ago, and who is now in his 79th year, is leaving the Colony because he considers the European political leadership to be "bent on communal suicide". A public statement which he issued before his departure referred to Mr Blundell as "leader of a faction, who speaks of himself in terms of the very highest praise; who knows that there cannot be multi-racial Government without the basis of common roll, but who has dodged the issue every time I have heard him speak."
Red Book 1919 - C F Belcher - Magistrate - Entebbe

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