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Name: WALSH, Geoffrey CMG, CBE

Birth Date: 1884 Southampton

Death Date: 22 July 1946 Jerusalem, in terrorist attack on St David's Hotel

First Date: 1913

Profession: Appointed Civil Supply Officer, Mombasa 1914, Asst Cable Censor and 1916 Senior Military Officer in occupied areas of GEA. After war Deputy Commissioner of Customs for EA & Uganda. 12 years unofficial member LegCo

Area: Mombasa

Married: Gladys Mary Atkins

Children: Rosemary P. A. (1923)

Book Reference: Gillett, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Red 22, Gazette, Dominion, Medals, Red 19

School: Hardwicke House School, Sleaford & Hartley University College, Southampton

General Information:

At one time Chairman of General Purposes Committee of Mombasa Municipal Board. Also took an active interest in many other public bodies.
KAD 1922 - Deputy Commissioner of Customs
Red 25 - Commissioner of Customs, Colony and Protectorate of Kenya and Uganda Protectorate; Member of Legco, Kenya; British War Medal. Collector of Customs 1913-20; Deputy Commr. of Customs 1920-23; Civil Supply Officer 1914; Asst. Cable Censor 1914-15; Senior Military Customs Officer Conquered Territory of GEA 1916-17
Gazette - 10/2/15 - Assistant to Censor; 6/10/15 - Acting Deputy Chief of Customs
Dominion - Commissioner of Customs 1930
Medals - Mombasa Defence Force - Geoffrey Walsh, No. 9300, Private
Gazette 1/7/1915 - Arrived on 1st Appointment - Collector Customs - 14/6/1913
UK Foreign and Overseas Registers for death

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