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Name: WARDLE, Arthur Hampton

Birth Date: 1880 Stone on Trent, Staffs

Death Date: 9.12.1953 Salisbury, Wilts.

First Date: 1905

Profession: Joined EA Medical Service but resigned in 1906. Very keen on herbal research and started farming near Nbi. with object of growing medicinal herbs for research into their medicinal properties. Experiments interesting but produced no income. Pharmacist

Area: Nairobi

Book Reference: Gillett, SE, HBEA, Cuckoo, White Man, Hut, Playne, Drumkey, Land, Advertiser, AJ, Harmony, Nicholls, North, EAHB 1907, SS, Gazette

War Service: Royal Malta Artillery

School: PhC (London), MPS

General Information:

SE - A.H. Wardle - Aug 1907
He opened a business in Nairobi as a Pharmaceutical and Analytical Chemist, a business that grew and flourished over the years. Arthur Wardle was one of the few men who was able to domesticate a zebra.
White Man - At Soysambu Delamere bred four foals from donkeys put to a zebra stallion ......... Only one turned out a success. It was broken to a buggy and sold to a chemist, Mr Wardle, who drove it around Nairobi, for several years.
Playne - Mr A.H. Wardle, Ph.C. (London), and also a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, started farming in 1906 near Nairobi, with the object of growing drugs such as belladonna, but had to give it up owing to labour troubles. The experiments, however, were very successful, and he still takes a great interest in farming. Previously, in 1905, he had entered the Govt. Medical Service, but resigned in 1906. After the farming was discontinued he opened premises in Nairobi as a pharmaceutical and analytical chemist. He always keeps a large stock of chemicals, drugs, patent medicines, perfumes, and photographic accessories etc. whilst he has made a speciality of analytical work.
Drumkey 1909 - Cattle Brand - E3W - A.H. Wardle - M'toni Creek Farm, Ngong
Drumkey 1909 - Medical Storekeeper, EAP, Oct. 8th 1905; P. Society of Great Britain; South Kensington Certificate in Botany and Chemistry; NSW Board of Pharmacy Diploma
Land - A. Wardle leased 5460 acres at Uasin Gishu, passed to Mafuta Ltd.
Land - 1910 - A. Hampton Wardle - Grazing and agricultural, 5690 acres (Farm No 174) - Uasin Gishu - 29/4/10 - Leasehold under Occupation Licence for 2 to 99 years from 1/8/10 - Registered 30/9/10
Advertiser - 4/9/1908 - Advert - A.H. Wardle, PhC(london) opening his pharmacy in September
Agricultural Journal 1908 - Brands allotted and registered - A.H. Wardle, M'toni Creek Farm, Ngongo - Kiambu E3W Member of Lodge Harmony - Initiated 5/12/10, age 30, Pharmacist, Nairobi
North - Appt. Storekeeper Medical Dept. 18/8/1905; arr. M ombasa 8/10/1905
Soldier Settlement Scheme after WW1 - Class B - Lieut. A.H. Wardle, No. 2 Army Salvage Depot, Cassiobury Park, Watford - Farm 512
Gazette 1/2/1907 - Resigned as Medical Storekeeper - A.H. Wardle - 7/1/1907
1939 England and Wales Register in Old Manor Mental Institution, Salisbury, 'incapacitated (chemist)'

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