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Name: ABRAHAM, Charles Wellington Rupert

Nee: bro of Michael Hudson Furse and Jasper Abraham, son of Rt. Rev. Charles Thomas Abraham

Birth Date: 23.7.1884 Shrewsbury

Death Date: 28.6.1951 Kisumu

First Date: 1905

Last Date: 1951

Profession: He took up land at Molo and subsequently at Songhor, farming successfully in these areas over a number of years. He encouraged the investment of capital in all pastoral and arable farming pursuits.

Area: Over Haddon Molo, 'Borone', and later Songhor, KAD 1922 - Nakuru, 1925 - Songhor, 1930 - Kaabirir, Songhor

Married: Katrina Kesumo b. 1895, d. 17 May 1941 Nairobi

Children: Patricia (1921); Martina Chepsongol (1924 Nandi Hills-2003 Eldoret); Anna Ketabi Simwoto

Book Reference: Gillett, HBEA, Gethin, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, EAMR, Playne, Drumkey, Red 22, AJ, Gazette, North, EAHB 1907, Leader14, Web, Red 1919

War Service: Served with the EAMR in WW1 - E Sqdn 8/8/14-19/1/15

School: Haileybury

General Information:

HBEA - 1912 - Over Haddon, Molo
Gethin - 1908 - 'Duder occupied another farm [at Molo] and some distance past him were the two Abraham brothers, whose father was, I believe, at that time the Bishop of Bath and Wells.' ' ....... When Jasper Abraham on "Kweresoi" (the euphorbia trees) and brother Rupert on "Borone" - were expecting a visit from their parents, they felt they must build a house of sorts for them. The walls and roof went to plan but not so the floor in the big room. In order to get the job done more quickly they started one at each end - result:- they did not meet in the middle. After thinking the matter over they made a step down on either side. This then became the dining room. ..... I can remember Jasper riding over from his farm on his pure Arab stallion Hadji Murat.' Source - Letter from Mrs Betty Tennent
Playne - Whatever else is wanting at Overhaddon Farm it is certainly not water, for 5 streams join on the property, and there is also a permanent spring near the homestead. ............ Overhaddon Farm is 8,500 feet above sea level, and 16 miles from Molo Station. It runs to 10,000 acres. The owners are Messrs. J. and C.W.R. Abrahams. The first-named came to BEA from England in 1905
Agricultural Journal 1908 - Brands Allotted and Registered - June 1908 - Abraham Bros., Over Haddon Molo - Lumbwa T1A Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Kisumu - Muhoroni
Web - Query from Gilbert Arap Bor, Eldoret - C.W.R. Abraham was his maternal grandfather - his mother was CWR's first daughter ? Gazette - 12/11/1919 - Register of Voters - Lake Area - Charles Wellington Rupert Abraham - Farmer - Songhor
Red Book 1919 - C W R Abrahams - Settler, Muhoroni
Gazette 18 Mar 1952 probate

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