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Name: ROBERTSON, Thomas Hogg

Birth Date: 1866 Dublin

First Date: 1909

Profession: BEA Corporation merchant; planter

Area: Malindi

Married: Edith Jessie

Children: Dudley Francis (1903 Potchefstroom, S. Africa); Dorothy Jan (9 Jan 1914 Southwark, London)

Book Reference: Drumkey, Law, North

War Service: Imperial Yeomanry in Boer War

General Information:

Law - Lawrence v Rex - July 1909 - ….. The facts shortly are that one Robertson the sub-manager for the British East Africa Corporation at Lamu had his suspicions aroused and intimated to the accused who was an accountant in his employ that he desired to check the cash of which the accused had charge. The keys of the safe were in the accused's possession. On Robertson going upstairs to count the cash he met the accused who said he was going downstairs for a moment Robertson watched the accused return to the house down an adjacent lane with rolls of rupees. The accused proceeded then to open the safe and place the rupees therein. …………
?In Royal Edinburgh Asylum in 1881?

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