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Name: WINKELMAN, Antonius Maria Paurentius

Birth Date: 15 Dec 1891 Eijhe, Overijissel, Netherlands

Death Date: 17 Dec 1984 Fiil, Victoria, Australia

First Date: 1914

Profession: For some years Consul for the Netherlands in EA and was also Manager for Van Nelle's Overseas Trading Co. His Headquarters were in Mombasa.

Area: Mombasa

Married: 1. In Dalfsen, Netherlands 8 Feb 1912 Gerritdina Hendrika Schiller b. 1874 Dalfsen 2. Victoria Vittorina Graziano b. 1899, d. 1998 Melbourne, Australia

Children: Hermanus Gerhardus Jozeph (24 Mar 1920 Avereest-1940); Laurentius Maria (4.11.1922 Mombasa-1998); Victoria Maria Joanna (1925-2019); son (1930-1930); Jetta; Marjorie; Antonius Maria Nicolaas; Raymond; another

Book Reference: Gillett, KAD, Red 25, Macmillan, Red 22

School: Private Schools, Rotterdam

General Information:

Macmillan - 1930 - Manager in East Africa for Van Nelle's Oversea Trading Co., Tobacco, Coffee, Tea
Red 22 - A.M.L. Winkleman, Mombasa
KAD 1922 has A.M.L. Winkleman, Mombasa.
Red 25 - A.M.L. Winkelman, Box 301, Msa.

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