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Name: TRENCH, Ida Irene le Poer 'Cornie', Mrs

Nee: Bradshaw

Birth Date: 10 Dec 1889 Holmesfield, Derbyshire

Death Date: 6 May 1983 Bromley, Kent

First Date: 1930s

Profession: Teacher

Area: Saboti, Kitale

Married: 1921 Power Watts Trench (1894-1982)

Children: James Charles Dutton (27 Oct 1922 Nakuru-2001); Muriel Irene (16 Feb 1924 Nairobi-2003); Mary (1925); Patrick Aubrey (31 Dec 1926 Sheffield-1928)

Book Reference: Trans Nzoia Scrap Book, Pioneer Spirit, Gazette

General Information:

Trans Nzoia Scrap Book - 'Private Schools' - …Mrs Cornie Trench started up a day school above Saboti
Pioneer Spirit - Mrs Ida le Poer Trench had been trained as a teacher before she married her husband Cornelius [?] who had a farm perhaps 15 miles from my father's. It was, therefore, fortunate that she started a school around the time that I left the convent and I continued my schooling there, receiving an excellent grounding which has stood me in good stead for the rest of my life. Mrs Trench taught her 3 children as well as myself and 4 or 5 other farm children. There were no buses or any other form of public transport and the roads were awful so we all boarded. Being close to home parental visits were quite frequent and I was happy there for sure and didn't spend my time getting into trouble. Mrs Trench usually had one assistant though these tended to come and go.
Gazette - 29/12/1934 - has - Mrs Ida Irene Trench, Planter PO Kiminini and Power Watts Le Poer Trench, Planter PO Kiminini.

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