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Name: WORTHINGTON, Reginald Trelfa (Rev.)

Birth Date: 1888 Crewe

Death Date: 18 Oct 1933 Birmingham

First Date: 1912

Profession: Founder of the Methodist Mission at Meru, his pioneer work demanded initiative, courage, patience and determination. He excelled in all these qualities and established effective contacts with Africans of the area.

Area: Meru

Married: 1914 Margaret Dickson Lithgow MacKee b. 1879

Book Reference: Gillett, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Red 22, Gerrard, Chogoria, Witchmen, Gazette

General Information:

His early death at the age of 45 was a tremendous loss, not only to the Mission for which he had done so much, but also to the host of friends he had in EA and in England. His name is on foundation stone of Church of Christ in Meru.
Witchmen - [Rev John B.] Griffiths's subsequent report of this expedition electrified Methodist leaders back in London. Describing Meru as a land of "hills, valleys, and innumerable streams," he found it "unlike any other area in Africa": 'Its hills are covered with ferns, hedges are thick with blackberry bushes, and in the streams watercress abounds …. [and] mosquitoes are unknown ……. We have been toiling for 50 years in the sweltering climate of the coast, contending with tremendous difficulties, bitter disappointments and deaths. We have been for years meditating upon seeking another and better country in which our men can live and labor and reap. SIR, HERE IT IS. THE FUTURE OF OUR EAST AFRICAN MISSION LIES HERE. I implore the committee to enter it."
By 1910 London members of the United Methodist church had responded to Griffiths's glowing report with the decision to extend their mission into Meru. Efforts began immediately to recruit a missionary, carpenter and doctor to launch the project. The carpenter's position ("industrial missionary") was granted, in 1911, to Rev. Frank Mimmack. In January 1912 he and Griffiths left England to occupy the allotted site and begin construction of the first buildings.  To search for a minister and doctor took longer, Griffiths having declined both positions in favor of returning to the Kenya coast. Eventually the posts were combined and awarded to Rev. Reginald Worthington. Worthington had entered the Methodist ministry in 1910. After a period in the Home Service he began to look abroad and was overjoyed at the prospect of pioneering in a virgin field. As a minister, however, he lacked medical training; thus he delayed his departure several months to acquire a basic knowledge of medicine. Worthington sailed for Kenya in December 1912, joining Griffiths at Mombasa. …… the two travelled up-country . To Meru …………… [more on his ministry at Meru]
Gazette - 29/10/1919 - Register of Voters - Ukamba Area - Reginald Trelfa Worthington - Minister of Religion, UMC Mission, Meru and Margaret Dickson Lithgow Worthington - Married woman, UMC Mission, Meru
Gazette 15 May 1934 probate

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