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Name: WRAY, Joseph Alfred (Rev.)

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Birth Date: 1856 Bradford

Death Date: 16.10.1931 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

First Date: 1882

Profession: CMS missionary in Taita Hills when the country was practically unknown and worked there for more than 30 years retiring to England in 1913. Then became Rector of Teston, near Rochester. Very fluent in Kiteita language

Area: Taita Hills, SE - Sagalla, Voi

Married: 6.10.1892 Emily Kathleen Robinson d. 2.11.1948

Children: Arthur (21.8.1896)

Author: Kenya, our Newest Colony: Reminiscences 1882-1912, 1928

Book Reference: Gillett, SE, Ainsworth, Thomson, Tucker, EAHB 1905, Hut, Hall, North, EA Diary 1903, Drumkey, EAHB 1906, CMS, EAHB 1904, EAHB 1907, Foster

General Information:

SE - Rev. J.A. Wray - CMS Sagalla - Voi Mar 1908
Ainsworth - relates a story which he heard later of the arrival at Sagala of Mr Wray, the missionary who was sent by the CMS from Mombasa to open the station. When the local Wataita saw him arrive in the hills, they met to discuss the probable reasons for his coming. They decided that the white man must have killed one of his own people and run away. They agreed, however, that provided he behaved himself properly, he should be allowed to stay. To Mr Wray's explanations, through an interpreter, of his missionary purpose, the leading elder replied that they did not expect him to admit that he had committed murder. Mr Wray felt that the native view was logical and decided to leave the matter to the process of time and with it to a better understanding of his work. Ainsworth remarks that it was evident in 1892 that the Mission and the people were on good terms.  
Thomson - 1883 - Ndara, Mteru - Mr Wray the CMS agent recently stationed there.
Tucker - Sept. 28th 1896 - opening of the new Mission Hall in Mombasa. This had been built under the supervision of Mr Wray ....  1898 - welcomed Bishop Tucker at Sagalla with Mrs Wray
EAHB 1905 - CMS at Sagala - Rev & Mrs J.A. Wray
Hall - Missionaries at Mombasa photo 1895 - Mr & Mrs Wray
North - CMS BEA - Engineer; aged 26 dep for EA 9/8/1882; Sagalla in Teita when mission opened in 1883, forced to close following year during famine; Chagga 1885/86; re-opened Sagalla 1886, but was driven out by natives in Oct. 1887; home leave 1890; Mombasa town Mission with wife, July, Aug, 1893 then at Kilindini until he returned to Sagalla in early 1895; home leave 1897; dep. London for Teita with wife 2/12/1897;
Drumkey 1909 - CMS Taita Hills (Sagala) - Rev. J.A. & Mrs Wray
CMS 1882 - Age 26. Of Bradford, Yorkshire. Engineer. 1880 at Preparatory Institution. 1882, Aug 9,  to E. Eq. Africa Mission as Lay Missionary. Commenced new station at Taita. 1885-86 Chaga; 1886, Taita; 1890 Feb 3 to England; 1892 Dec 29  to E. Eq. Africa Mission - Taita (temporarily at Rabai); 1893 Kilindini and Mombasa. Married 1892, Oct 6 Emily Kathleen Robinson who died Nov 2 1948. [Notes by Roy Dunstan] 1882 CM Coll. 1896 Mrs Wray to UK; 1897 Mar 27 to UK; 1897 Dec 2 to EA - Sagalla; 1897 Dec 20 Deacon, 1905 May 31 Priest by Bishop of Mombasa; 1906, Nov 11 to UK on medical certificate; 1907 Dec 7 to Sagalla; 1910 Nov 14 to UK; 1911 Nov 7 on list of disabled missionaries by Medical Board; 1931 Oct 16, died at Teston; 1931 Nov 1 Mrs Wray granted £100 pa. Pension.

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