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Name: DOYLE, Herbert Leo (Father)

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Birth Date: 1890 Manchester

Death Date: 6 Aug 1951 Nyabururu, S. Nyanza

First Date: 1923

Profession: RC missionary. An Irishman took over from Fr. Wall and developed Nyabururu to a great extent over the years. He is buried at Nyabururu.

Area: Nyabururu, S. Nyanza, Kisii

Book Reference: Alex Mascarenhas, Dir. of EA 1922-23, Norden, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Red 22, Baur

War Service: RFA

General Information:

Baur - Kisii found its great apostle in Fr. Doyle, a patriarchal figure who arrived in 1923. He was demanding in regard to conditions for baptism, for example, a wife had to bring her husband as well, but he gladly cooperated in matters of local traditions. He encouraged the circumcision of both boys and girls, enhancing the celebrations by slaughtering cows and goats. The traditional burial rites were christianized with Catholic practices. Fr. Doyle knew how to combine tradition with modernity.
Directory Source: P. Rimington

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