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First Date: 1920

Profession: Labour Recruiter - for the settlers in the White Highlands

Area: Kisii

Book Reference: Alex Mascarenhas, KAD, Red 31, Hut, Gazette

General Information:

Was a nice short person full of fun and was therefore known as "Bwana Machezo" i.e. Mr Playful. He knew a few hand tricks and generously displayed them at a gathering of the WaKisii at the open air market in the township. He often removed his dentures and caused both laughter and fright in equal proportions. He always wore khaki trousers and shirt and a wide brimmed felt hat.
Gazette 21/4/1920 - Arrived on 1st Appointment - Clerk Agricultural Dept. - 31/3/1920 - W.J. Philips
Gazette 23/11/1921 - Departed on Termination of Appointment - 11/11/1921
KAD 1922 - Clerk, Agriculture Dept., Nairobi

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