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Name: AGGETT, William Boyce Corfield

Nee: son of Capt. Thomas Edward Aggett and bro of George Chick and Thomas Edward Aggett

Birth Date: 26 Nov 1886 Alice, Eastern Cape, S. Africa

Death Date: 15 Oct 1951 Nakuru

First Date: 1908

Profession: Trader and hunter and later returned to South Africa. Farmer at Gilgil

Area: 1914 Kijabe, 1925 Kijabe 1920 Rumuruti

Married: Emily Eleanor Holbeach 'Elsie' Gray b. 1882 Herefordshire, d. 3 Sep 1934 Nairobi

Children: Thomas Boyce (2 July 1918 Nairobi-1990); Corfield William 'Billy' Boyce (Naivasha 31 Mar 1920-15 Oct 1951 Nakuru); Pamela Christian Boyce

Book Reference: Gillett, North, Red 25, Red 31, RS, Hut, Land, Red 22, Into Africa, Gazette, Rundgren, Medals, Leader14, Old Africa 23, Red Book 1912, Red 19

General Information:

Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Voters List Rift Valley
Red 25 - W.B. Aggett, Farm 1548, Kijabe, Honorary Permit Issuer.  
Hut - 1912 Leased Ulyate's Farm Hotel Kijabe
RS - William Boyce married Elsie Grey who had come out to Kenya as a governess to the Greswolde-Williams family. In the early days he had a transport (ox-wagon) business from the Uaso Nyiro to Kijabe (railhead) - he also ran the Kijabe Hotel. None of the three children ever married. William (Billy) was shot in the back at Waterloo Farm, Naivasha by a Dane called Brokby. Pamela died whilst undergoing surgery, and Tommy died in 1990 whilst in an old age home in S. Africa.
Land - W.B. Aggett leased 7161 acres at Ol' Bolossat
Red 22 - W.B. Aggett, Naivasha
Red 22 - Honorary Permit Issuer - W.B. Aggett, Kedong Trading Co., Kijabe
Into Africa - the hunter Boyce Aggett had a trading store down toward the border
Advertiser - 5/11/1909 - No Shooting on farms in Southern Guaso Nyiro - W. Rooken-Smith, Will Peeblet, Capt. Tom Aggett, W.B. Aggett, F. Smith, J.S. Smith, T.E. Aggett, C. Pritzkow, W.A. Smith, G. Bennett, E.H. Currie, Jack Webb, G.D. Webb, N.E. Webb
Gazette - 23/9/1914 - Appt. - To be Lieutenant, East Africa Transport Corps - W.B. Aggett
Gazette - 4/11/1914 - Appt. - Permitted to resign his appointment - EATC - Lieutenant W.B. Aggett
Rundgren - Boyce Agate (sic) had a hotel at Kajabe (sic). He was an old Kenya settler who had once traded in the Masai country. He had pioneered bongo hunting.
Medals - East Africa Army Service Corps - EA Transport Corps, Second Lieutenant
Old Africa 23/22 - " …… Of interest is that Boyce Aggett lived all his Kenya life at Kijabe - in fact he owned and operated the Kijabe Hotel into the 1950s. Boyce's son Billy was murdered by Brokby in 1950, the other two children were simple, and Boyce became very reclusive because of it.
Red Book 1912 - W.B. Aggett - Naivasha
Gazette - 29/10/1919 - Register of Voters - Kikuyu - William Boyce Aggett, Merchant, Kedong Trading Co., Kijabe and Elsie Aggett, Married, Kedong Trading Co., Kijabe
Gazette - 12/11/1919 - Register of Voters - Rift Valley Area - W.B. Aggett - Farmer - Naivasha and Elsie Aggett - Married - Naivasha
Red Book 1919 - Boyes Aggett - Settler, Kijabe
Gazette - 8-7-1914 - Dissolution of Partnership between William Russell Bowker andf William Boyce Aggett trading as 'The AB Trading Company' by mutual consent as from 30/6/1914
Gazette - 29/4/1925 - Application for Hotel Liquor Licence - Mrs Elsie Aggett, Kijabe Hotel, Kijabe
Bruce Rooken-Smith Elsie Gray who had come out to Kenya as a governess to the Creswold-Williams family.  During WWI, Boyce joined the EA Transport Corps, later EA Services Corps - he served in GEA, was awarded the WWI trio (15 Star, Victory and War Medals) and was a T/Lt (29/11/15   LG 33417 of 09/08/1921)1n the early days Boyce had a transport (ox-wagon) business from the Uaso Nyiro to Kijabe (railhead) - he also ran the Kijabe Hotel. Elsie died in Nairobi in 1934. None of the three children ever married.  William (Billy) died as a result of gunshot wounds when he was shot in the back with a shot gun at Waterloo Farm, Naivasha by a Dane called Brotby following an altercation about the latter's girlfriend. He was tried and surprisingly, found not guilty.  The story goes, that when Billy was planning a trip to Scandanavia, Brotby suggested that he call in on his girlfriend. This he did and she later came out to Kenya where she formed an attachment with Billy. At some stage, Brotby invited Billy to dinner and as he left Brotby shot him in the back with a shotgun. The housemaid said that she had observed Brotby put the shotgun near the door, something he had never done before. The prosecution indicated the shooting was thus premeditated. Pamela died whilst undergoing surgery,  and Tommy died in 1990 whilst in an old age home on the south coast of Natal in South Africa.

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