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Name: ENGLEBRECHT, C. L. 'Fairy'

First Date: 1930s

Area: Kisumu, Eldoret

Book Reference: Contact

General Information:

Contact - March 1978 - Article re. "JJ" Hughes - ……. Other pioneers personalised their T's [Model T Ford] in different ways. 'Fairy' Englebrecht, who had not earned his nickname for his good looks, ran a Model T on the Kisumu to Eldoret mail run. He fitted special shock absorbers, clamp-on bumpers, a crankcase support and Handy-Pandy luggage carriers - racks attached to the running boards. On one occasion, in the Kaimosi Forest when a front wheel collapsed, he made a new one by hacking down suitable branches with a panga and with a red-hot pipe heated on a charcoal fire by the road side, bored the necessary holes for the hub attachment. The wheel was strong enough to last for 2 months until a replacement spare became available. This resourcefulness was to stand "Fairy" in good stead when, in 1936, together with Fred Hopley, he won the Nairobi to Johannesburg Road Race, an event staged to celebrate the Golden City's Jubilee.

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