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Name: TODD, Christopher Tunley

Birth Date: 17 Dec 1900 Hampstead

Death Date: 10 Feb 1983 Brockenhurst, Southampton

First Date: 1919

Profession: Farmer, Timau

Area: NFD, Timau

Married: ?Gillian Margaret

Book Reference: Nicholls, Gazette

General Information:

Ida Margaret Todd (1876-1949) was his mother
Nicholls - Many of the new immigrants travelled out on the 'Garth Castle' arriving in Mombasa on 25 December 1919. One of the party, C.T. Todd, said that none of them 'realised what a complicated business farming is, and we had not visualised the difficulties that would present themselves in territory that was nothing more than an empty wilderness and where we were totally ignorant of local conditions. We were to learn the hard way.' …..
Many of the soldier-settlers then abandoned their farms and returned to England. But some stayed on, taking any job they could get - for example Todd went foot trading in the Northern Frontier District, exchanging goods for ivory and rhino horn with the Suk and Turkana.
Nicholls - A new type of woman was seen in Kenya after the war [WW1], a person who stood in conspicuous contrast to the hard-working farmers' wives. C.T. Todd, recently arrived as a farm pupil, was astounded to see a topless white woman when he went visiting one day. He explained his surprise to himself by reasoning that in a community as small as Kenya's such people were so very obvious, whereas if they had remained in Britain, they would have been no more unusual than the other Bright Young Things.
Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Aberdare Voters List

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