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Name: PACK, John

First Date: 1901

Profession: Artizan 1st Class, driver

Area: Nairobi

Children: Daisy b. 23.1.1898

Book Reference: North, EAHB 1904, EAHB 1907

General Information:

North - Temporary Railway appt. 5/2/1901 Driver Loco Dept. 31/3/1901; Engine Driver 1/4/1902; selected to drive the Nairobi-Escarpment-Nairobi sectors of the special train taking Joseph Chamberlain from Mombasa to Railhead and back 15-19/12/1902; At Nairobi with wife and daughter (Daisy, b. 23/1/1898) April 1903; Listed with 'Officer & Subordinates' Driver 1/4/1903; On List of 'Non-Native Residents of Nairobi' (EAM) Loco Dept, with wife 5/9/1903; Daisy enrolled at Uganda Railway school, Nairobi when it opened & staying with L.D. Berry at Nairobi 20/1/1904
EAHB 1904 - Nairobi Residents - Pack, S. - Loco Dept. Uganda Railway
EAHB 1907 - J. Pack - Nairobi
Blue Book 1907

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