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Name: WOODS, William

Nee: bro of John Woods

Birth Date: 26 Oct 1890 England

First Date: 1914

Last Date: 1937

Profession: Surveyor with the Survey Dept. Retired before WW2 and the family moved to UK. Went to live in New Zealand (1994).

Married: 1927 Sylvia Lucy Tate-Smith b. 17 Aug 1903 York(dau. of Robert and Amelia Tate-Smith)

Children: Dorothy Eleanor (Shields) (1928); Joan Sylvia (1931); William Edward (1933)

Book Reference: EAWL, KAD, Red 22, Dominion, SS, R. Jolley, Red 19

War Service: EAMR during WW1

General Information:

Source: Ronald Bevan Jolley
Dominion - Public Works Department - Survey & Registration Dept. - District Surveyor - 1930
Soldier Settlement Scheme after WW1 - Class A - Hon. 2/Lieut. J. Woods, RAF, 4 Luxemburg Gardens, Brook Green, W6 - Farm 1132, Agent W. Woods, c/o Govt. Survey Dept.
R.B. Jolley - This family left Kenya some time in 1937.
R.B. Jolley - "On gaining a survey qualification from Lausanne, Switzerland on July 30 1914 signed on with the Crown Agents for the Colonies, as a draughtsman, Survey Dept. of EA Protectorate. May 3rd 1920, William Woods continued his service with the Crown Agents as a 'Computer' in the Survey Dept. EA Protectorate which was renewed on May 9th 1924 still as a 'Computer' but now with the Lands Dept. of the Kenya Colony and Protectorate. Served with EA Mounted Rifles 14-18.
Red Book 1919 - Survey Dept. - Computing Office - Computer - W. Woods
Gazette - 13/10/1926 - Dissolution of Partnership between John Woods of Eldoret, William Woods, John Forbes Walker and Frederick Joseph Gosden farming under the style or firm of 'Sorora Hill Estate'
KAD 1922 - Computer, Computing Office, Survey Dept.
Gazette - Voters List 1936 - William Woods, Govt. Surveyor, Box 89, Nbi and Sylvia Lucy Woods, Married woman, Box 89, Nbi.
Blue Book 1915 appt Chief Draughtsman 5 Oct 1914
Went to New Zealand in 1957

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