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First Date: 1917

Area: Koru

Book Reference: Olga

General Information:

Olga - Right from the first meeting Olga [Watkins] doubted whether Mr Paterson was the kind of person she wanted as a manager …….. Back on the farm she found she distrusted her manager even more than at first sight. She wrote to her mother: "Mr Paterson has gone to Kisumu to get his hair cut. He is very dour, very silent, and very imbued with the idea of the amount of work here. He does about 5 hours a day and like all men makes awfully heavy weather of the intricacies of farming." …….. According to the farm workers he stayed in the house all day drinking and was bad tempered if anyone took a problem to him, or reported machinery broken or tools lost. Workers had not been paid etc.

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