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Name: ABRAMOVITZ, Nehemiah

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Death Date: ?1991

First Date: 1929

Profession: Merchant

Area: Mombasa

Book Reference: Glimpses

General Information:

Glimpses - 1933 - The refugees spent a day at Mombasa, at the home of one of the few Jewish residents there, Nehemia Abramovitz, who had left Nairobi and moved to Mombasa to run a general shop together with Sam Buchbinder.
Glimpses - Nehemiah was a staunch Zionist and very active in Jewish communal affairs. Whilst working in Mombasa before the outbreak of WW2, he welcomed the arriving Jewish refugees and befriended and assisted them greatly. ("In Memoriam" in Shelanu, March 1992)
Gazette - 19/11/1929 - Wine Merchants & Grocers' Licence - I.Z. Wall & N. Abramovitz - Plot 39, Westlands, Nairobi
Ancestry has a Nehemia Abramovitz dying in Hergiza, Israel on 28 Dec 1991

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