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Name: KENDALL, Hugh Berenger

Birth Date: 1885 Liverpool

Death Date: 31 July 1952 Hoylake, Cheshire

First Date: 1914

Area: Nairobi

Married: In Cheshire 1925 Helen Finlay Dun b. 2 Jan 1896 Liverpool, d. 30 Sep 1983 Birkenhead

Children: Lelie Berenger (1926-1994); John F.D. (1927-1930); Roger E. (1930-1935); Robert H.H. (1936-1999); another

Book Reference: Leader14, Hut BEADOC

General Information:

Hut - Hugh Berenger Kendall of Liverpool, England, Solicitors. Under the 'Discharged Soldiers' Settlement Scheme' of 1919 allotted 7040 acres or thereabouts of lands in the Sotik District of Nyanza Province of the East African Protectorate and were authorized by a permit from the Crown to occupy and develop the said land subject to the provision mentioned in the permit. Hugh Berenger Kendall no longer resided in the East Africa Protectorate and was therefore no longer eligible to take part in the Syndicate. The land was divided into farms of approximately 640 acres for each member of the syndicate. A surveyor was to be appointed to divide the land amongst the 10 members of the syndicate. 1919  - "Chapswarata"

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