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Name: WEBSTER, Charlotte Edith, Miss

Nee: sister of Rev. Eric John Webster

Birth Date: 23.7.1908 Sheffield

Death Date: 7.7.1991 Upton on Severn

First Date: 1935

Profession: Missionary

Area: Marsabit

Married: no

Book Reference: Webster

General Information:

Webster - Took over the mission school in Marsabit from her brother Eric and later moved to Maralal.
David Webster (nephew): Edith initially went out to Marsabit, in about 1935, to join my farhet Eric and to take over the mission school from him. In 1937 my mother, having done her missionary training, went out to marry my father in St Stephen’s church, Nairobi. Edith was a bridesmaid. My mother then took over the school in Marsabit, and Edith moved to Maralal. She spent the rest of her working life in Samburu, initially in Maralal, and later in Wamba. She was fluent in the Samburu language. She was one of a formidable foursome of single lady missionaries in Samburu - Jesse Scudder (a widow), Ruby Grindley and Maud Parsons. They used to drive through the bush in Landrovers, coping with punctures, elephants, mud, flooded rivers, and all other hazards, and always had immaculate hairstyles! Edith retired to England in, I think, 1977. She was a most wonderful, godly lady. When both my parents died in their 50’s she was a wonderful "mother" to us, and later grandmother to our children. As a young lady she fell in love with a young ordinand. He proposed to her, but felt called to parish work in England, not missionary work in Africa. Her missionary calling took precedence, and she remained single.

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