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Name: HESSEL, Jens

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Profession: Hunter

Area: Mweiga

General Information:

Brian Herne, White Hunters To meet the challenge, Kenya  hunters Glen CottarAlfredo Pelizzoli, and Reggie Destro founded an alliance known as Afriventures in 1970. The group, all of whom headed their own established safari firms, eventually managed the largest number of concessions in Tanzania's unsurpassed big game country. Reggie Destro's calm and decisive personality combined well with Glen Cottar's exuberant enthusiasm and Alfredo Pelizzoli's shrewd business acumen. The Afriventures trio grew to include a diverse set of characters. Prince Alfi von Auersperg of Austria was invited to join the group, as was the Danish hunter Jens Hessel and the Frenchman Rene Babault. Completing the partnership were Englishman Derrick Dunn, Kenya-born brothers, David and Anton Allen, and Brian Herne. A Dane  named Jens Hessel settled with his wife at Mweiga, on the foothills of the Aberdare Mountains, not far from the Allens' safari headquarters at Nanyuki. He had been a freelance white hunter for several years as well as a bush pilot before he joined Afriventures. Specializing in flying safaris Hessel has appeared in movie productions, including Out of Africa, in which he was the pilot flying as Finch Hatton in the yellow biplane. Jens Hessel is one of the most capable bush pilots I have ever met. He is also very modest. He flew the Gypsy Moth in the film "Out of Africa", and he has worked on many films of Africa. It was Jens who took me to meet Daddy Probin in Mweiga many years ago.


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