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Name: ANDERSON, Alexander

Birth Date: 15 Aug 1891 Dundee

Death Date: 7 June 1977 Christchurch, New Zealand

First Date: 1925

Profession: KUR&H artizan; stevedore for EA Lighterage Co.

Area: Box 60, Mombasa

Married: In Mombasa 3 July 1922 Elsie Mary Louisa Dowle b. 18.7.1889 London, d. 6.1.1964 Christchurch, New Zealand (sister of Herbert George James Dowle)

Children: Edith; Enid; Lilian Jean (10 Dec 1922 Mombasa-1995); Donald Dawson (4 Apr 1928 Mombasa); another

Book Reference: Gazette, Red 22, Red 25, Red 31

General Information:

Gazette, 6 Dec 1938 Msa Voters List Alexander Anderson, stevedore, Mombasa
Blue Book 1938 artizan class II appt. 12.1.1931 
Gazette - 8/4/1930 - Liable to serve as Jurors and Assessors - A. Anderson, Lighterage Co., Mombasa


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