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Name: PRICE, Winifred Maud, Miss

Birth Date: 1904

First Date: 1928

Area: Nairobi

General Information:

Facebook - 5 Sept 2016 - Odhiambo Levin Opiyo - The first Kenyan to be executed for allegedly assaulting a white woman was Nyaduo'ngo K'owuor. Nyaduo'ngo who was a policeman, was accused of raping Winifred Maud Price a 24 year old white woman in a park next to Lenana Road on 27 March 1928. In a report made at Kingsway police station Nairobi ,Miss Price alleged that, she was on her way home when a tall dark African policeman approached her from behind and greeted her, "Jambo dada" she replied the man "Jambo, Kwenda huko". The man then punched her thrice in the face wrestled her to the ground before raping her for one and a half hours .She screamed telling the man ,"I am white don't do this to me" to which the man replied "you are white I am black." The next day 22 African policemen with the same physique as that described by Miss Price were lined up for identification and she quickly singled out Nyaduo'ngo. During Nyaduo'ngo's trial two witnesses claimed to have heard him boast " the way he had laid a white woman." On his side, he admitted to having been on Lenana Rd that night but denied raping Miss price, Instead he claimed he saw a different person assaulting her. There was no doubt that Nyaduo'ngo's was heading to the gallows. His own lawyer H.E Schwartze had turned against him, in fact Nyaduo'ngo was not happy with the legal representation he was given since Mr H.E. Schwartze was a member of the Legco and a strong supporter of death penalty for Africans. It was alleged Mr Schwartze intentionally misled Nyaduo'ngo by promising him a pardon if he admitted that he was at the scene of crime. Nyaduo'ngo was hanged on 27 July 1928 after a jury made up of three Africans unanimously forwarded a guilty verdict to Judge Barth.
Is this Winifred Maud Price married to Clement Robert Price, civil servant? Mombasa London 4 June 1928 - Ancestry Passenger list
Children Gillian Winifred (1933) and Basil Clement Robin (1935) - Ancestry Passenger list 26 Feb 1938 Beira-Southampton

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