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General Information:

There are many A. Andersons. It is difficult to find which is which. Here is a summary of the A. Andersons in the database.

  1. 'Soy' Anderson liable for Juror Duty in 1915... t
  2. 'Brewery' A. Anderson, about whom we have very little, but 1930-ish.
  3. A.B. Anderson/Andersen of Lumbwa. Could be Scandinavian?
  4. A.J. and A.S. Very little known..

‘Stevedore’ Anderson (Alexander):

1922 probable arrival

1927 (4th June)  In the List of Jurors for Mombasa). A. Anderson of the E.A. Lighterage Co. Ltd. (just confuse matters there are also A.C. Anderson of Brock & Co. and C. Anderson of Tudor House in the same list).

1930 (8th April)  In the Official Gazette (p. 22). A.  Anderson is on the List of Jurors for Mombasa. He is of the Lighterage Co. No other A. Andersons

1933 (3rd Jan)   In the Official Gazette (p. 1). A.  Anderson is on the List of Jurors for Mombasa. He is of the Lighterage Co. No other A. Andersons

1936 (11th Nov)  In the Electoral Roll, Alexander Anderson is recorded as a Stevedore in Mombasa

1964 (11th Jan)  In the Kenya Gazette under probate, it says she died in Christchurch, NZ, having been pre-deceased by Elsie Mary Louisa Anderson. Both of Mombasa.

Clearly an ‘early Anderson’, but potentially not early enough to be ‘EAMR’ Anderson. Seems to have lived exclusively in Mombasa. Possible, but less probable.

‘Engineer’ Anderson (Alexander).

1950 (5th Sept)  On the Electoral Roll, Alexander is recorded as a Mechanical Engineer, of P.O. Box 5536, Nairobi. Married to Marian Eileen Anderson.

1954 (1st Dec)   In the Official Gazette, 25th Jan 1955 (p. 55), A Anderson is made a Pass Officer under the 1954 Emergency (Kikuyu, Embu & Meru) Regulations w.e.f. 1/12/1954 (to be a Pass Officer for the Kikuyu, Embu and Meru, one would have to live in central Kenya. Best guess this is ‘Engineer’ Anderson).

1961 (7th July)  In the Kenya Gazette, 7th July 1961 (p.823). A. Anderson of P.O. Box 5516 Nairobi is deleted from the Electoral Roll (Is this a mis-transcription of ‘Engineer’ Anderson’s Box No?).

1966 (6th Jan)  Under the Unadopted Street Act in the Kenya Gazette, he is recorded as the owner of Plot. No. 597 Pytchley St. Nairobi with 144ft of road frontage and of P.O. Box 5536, Nairobi

Seemingly, very much a ‘latter day’ Anderson. No records of when he arrived in Kenya. Unlikely to be EAMR Anderson.

Alfred Adolf Anderson.

1918 (19th June)  We have an A.A. Anderson of B.S. Anderson & Co. who died suddenly in June 1918, and the company had to be wound up (The Official Gazette, 19th June 1918,  Buried in Nairobi South Cemetery.

1918 (17th July) This seems to have then ended up in court with B.S. Anderson vs. Mrs. A.A. Anderson & Thankerdass (The Official Gazette, 17th July 1918, p. 608).

1950 (30th May)  In the Official Gazette, 30th May 1950 (p. 450), we have an A.A. Anderson in Nakuru who is in arrears for rates for Plot nos. 5 & 6, Section XIV, Nakuru South for a period from 1941 to 1949 to the tune of 136.49 shillings, with a penalty of 62/-. This might be the widow of the deceased A.A. Anderson?.

Not ‘Alexander Anderson’ so cannot be ‘EAMR’ Anderson, 

‘Sanitary’ A. Anderson

1929 (2nd April)  In the Official Gazette, 2nd April 1929 (p. 572), under Arrivals and Departures, A. Anderson arrives on his 1st appointment as a sanitary Inspector (arrived Mombasa. 25/03/1929).

1930 (8th Apr) In the Official Gazette, 8th April 1930 (p. 22), there is an A. Anderson, a Health Officer who is on the List of Jurors for Nairobi.

Too late an arrival to be ‘EAMR’ Anderson. He arrived on his first positing in 1929.

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