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Name: TWOHEY, Albert Edward Jnr.

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Nee: son of Alfred Edward Twohey

Birth Date: 1913 Dublin

Death Date: 1 May 1989 East London, S. Africa

Last Date: 1960

Profession: Permanent Way Inspector, EAR&H

Married: 1. In Mombasa 11 May 1936 Florence Winifred Lee b. 28 July 1903 Liverpool, d. Mar 1989 Liverpool; 2. In Nairobi 1953 Katherine Thesesa Moan b. 25 July 1913, d. 13 June 2002 Southend on Sea

Children: 1. Anthony John Edward (15 May 1940 Nairobi); Rosemary (Taylor) (17 Feb 1944 Kampala) 2. Nigel (1954)

General Information:

Anthony Twohey (son): My Father joined the East African Railways and Harbours (EAR&H) I don’t have a date for when he joined but as far as I can remember he joined the Railways after leaving school he worked as a Permanent Way Inspector (PWI)  with responsibility for checking the condition of the railway track and supervising workers to repair the track after  accidents and derailments. His job required him to go on safari visiting the track for the areas he was responsible for. In order for him to do this he travelled by push trolley which required two Trolley Boys (as they were called) to push the trolley along as they ran on top of the railway line. As there was only one line my father would apply the hand brake and the Trolley Boys would lift the trolley off  the line to allow an approaching train to pass by. Latterly the push trolley was replaced by motorised vehicles which I remember as I accompanied my father own one occasion when we lived in Uplands we travelled the line taking us down into the Rift Valley. My Father covered rail tracks in areas surrounding Nairobi, Mombasa, Uplands, Uganda (we lived in Jinja), Thika. I cannot recall any other areas but I know there were some whose names I cannot recall. My father retired in 1960 and came to live in England but being an old colonial he couldnt settle in the UK and left and worked in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and I think Malawi.

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