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Name: ROBINSON, Kathleen Lucy 'Goody', Miss

Birth Date: 1899 - England

Death Date: 1979 - Nairobi

First Date: 1929

Last Date: 1979

Profession: Member of Theatre Trustee Committee - Kenya Theatre Guild - Drama Festival Committee - Broadcaster - Asst. Editor 'Sunday Post'

Area: Nairobi

Book Reference: EAWL, Year Book, Considine

School: St. Paul's Girl School, London

General Information:

Source: Mrs Norah Stratton (sister).  Article on File
Considine - In writing about 'Goody', who so recently left us, one has to hesitate. An accomplished actress and respected journalist and broadcaster, 'Goody' might have viewed an obituary with the keen, sometimes sceptical, analysis with which she is known to have looked at theatre reviews, press copy or radio script ….. Whether or not written by herself! 'Goody' called a spade a spade without any shovelling. A devoted amateur classicist she saw things in clear Roman outline, and liked them presented thus. I was privileged to escort her to perhaps the last play she ever saw. Her comment was characteristic of her taste: 'Very pleasant, but I heard next to nothing - and that must come first!' It was true of the production (mine) too - at least that night! ………………. 'Goody' would not, therefore, like her achievements itemised. She was an individual who went her own way and made others happy in her generous allowing of them to share that way, no matter how briefly or for how long. Life for her was Now - past successes, or failures (if there were any!) were stones already stepped or slipped over. As a girl she came to Kenya in 1928, departed, returned and stayed to give her all. Our country's era and aura became her inspiration and she provided a cultural contribution that still lingers. ……… N.S.

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