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Name: DARLEY, Henry Algernon Cholmley (Capt.)

Birth Date: 11.6.1870 Buttercrame Aldby, Yorkshire

Death Date: 2.10.1945 Kungutas, Tanganyika

First Date: 1904

Profession: Transport officer, ivory poacher

Area: Jinja

Married: In Chorlton upon Medlock 1915 Anita A. L. Palazzo b. 24 Aug 1890 Genoa, d. 11 Mar 1963 Bayswater, actress

Children: Pamela Yolanda (Egerton, Cholmley) (2 Jan 1919 Wandsworth-15 Oct 1982 Rydale, N. Yorkshire)

Author: 'Slaves and Ivory' (1926)

Book Reference: SE, Cuckoo, Hut, Drumkey, North, EAHB 1907, Chandler

General Information:

SE - Capt. H.A. Darley - July 1907
Drumkey 1909 Directory of Residents - Capt. H.A. Darley, Jinja
North - Capt. Henry Darley, Yorkshire Artillery Militia; Land Grant Application for Hotel, Nairobi (withdrawn) 27/1/1904; Sportsman's Game Licence, Ukamba Province 5/2/1904; Firearm registered at Mombasa on way to Nairobi 29/6/1905; Acting Transport Officer, No. 4 Column Nandi Field Force, Nandi Fort 20/10/1905; 'An incorrigible rogue' (Meinertzhagen, RH)
EAHB 1907 - Laikipia
Chandler - Henry Algernon Cholmley Darley (1870 - ?) - A blonde, bearded man ……. Was a big-game hunter and ivory poacher of some note. From about 1904 he hunted elephant in the Lado Enclave in a loose partnership with R.J. Cuninghame called "the two robbers of the North". They focused their activities in the Mongalla and Karamoja regions north of Lake Victoria and were very successful for a few years, but things began to slow down as the British administration expanded its authority in the district. ………. {more - Abyssinia}
Cuckoo - mentions a Major H.R. Darley as being a very early settler who was here before Russell Bowker's S. Africans came..
Hut has Capt. Darley DO Narok, lost leg WW1

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