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Name: PROSSER, J. E.

Nationality: German

First Date: 1904

Profession: Pig breeding

Area: Escarpment, Lari

Book Reference: SE, Cuckoo, Hut, Curtis, Playne, Drumkey, Advertiser, North

General Information:

SE - E. Prosser - Dec 1908 - Escarpment
Cuckoo - The Uplands Bacon factory began in a modest way, but quickly developed into one of the most prosperous industries in E.A.
Hut - Mgr Upland Syndicate
Curtis - p. 72 - 'The Uplands Connection' - East African Estates Ltd. were granted one of the early concessions on the condition that they gave practical help to the European settlers in the highlands. They decided to start a pig-breeding industry, and in 1907 on a block of 2000 acres the first buildings of Uplands Bacon Factory were put up by Messrs Prosser and Rainbow. Cured bacon and ham were on sale by 1909. Rainbow had come up to Kenya from South Africa after the Boer War and joined the Police. Tom Strange with his family arrived at Uplands in January 1912. He had been trained at Calne in Wiltshire, his birthplace, and later that year the factory produced the first Wiltshire sides of bacon and Wiltshire sausages. In 1923 Strange resigned from the job of factory manager at Uplands and then set up his own Globe Bacon Factory at Escarpment in competition. The Globe factory continued in business until 1950.
After the discovery of gold at Lolgorien in the Twenties Rainbow moved there. He mined at Lolgorien and Kihancha. Rainbow's son Bill worked in a sawmill for a while after leaving school. Then in 1950 he went to help his father on the mine. He later married the Stranges' daughter Nancy.
Playne - The Uplands of EA Syndicate Ltd. - Those settlers who have the inclination and the facilities to breed pigs will be encouraged to do so by the market which has been brought to their very doors, as it were, by the Uplands of EA Syndicate Ltd. At Lari swamp, Escarpment (2000 acres) they have built a bacon factory which is managed by Mr Prosser and is capable of dealing with 250 pigs per week, and it is so arranged that, as business increases, it can easily be enlarged. Bacon and hams will be supplied to the loca market, and later on, if hogs can be obtained they will be exported to England.. The site on which the factory has been erected was picked out of nearly all BEA, and is an ideal spot (owing to the cold climate) for curing the meat. There is a swamp of over 400 acres for running large herds of pigs. It has a plentiful supply of permanent water, and is at an altitude of close on 8000 feet. ......……
Drumkey 1909 - Directory of Residents - J.E. Prosser, Escarpment
Advertiser - 12/6/1908 - Mr Prosser of the Bacon Curing Syndicate left town on Wednesday week for Mombasa to see Col. Owen-Thomas, prior to the latter leaving for home to consult with Directors of the Syndicate.
Advertiser - 11/12/08 - Nakuru Agricultural Show - donations from - J.E. Prossor ??
Advertiser - 29/1/1909 - Advert - Pigs! Pigs! To purchase - J.E. Prosser, Bacon Factory, Mile 356, Escarpment
Cuckoo - 1904 - The Lari Swamp was formerly the haunt of herds of elephants, but recently had been acquired for pig-breeding and bacon-curing. It was here that a German, Prosser, started a pig farm and bacon factory. (Uplands Bacon factory)

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