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Name: RAYNES, Thomas

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Birth Date: 4 Apr 1856 Wakefield

Death Date: 24 Aug 1933 Stellenbosch

First Date: 1907 (July)

Profession: Founder of 'The Leader'. Engineer

Married: In Falmouth, Cornwall 1878 Charlotte Trevelyan Simmonds b. 1854 Falmouth, d. 1929 S. Africa

Children: Maitland Ambrose Trevelyan Raynes (27 July 1879 Falmouth)

Book Reference: SE, Red 25, Playne, Drumkey, Red 22, Advertiser, CO, Harmony, Red Book 1912, Advertiser

General Information:

Gazette 7 Aug 1934 probate
SE - Thos. Raynes - July 1907
Playne - 'The Leader' - founded on the remains of the fallen 'Star', was the project of Mr Thomas Raynes, a prominent citizen of the Nairobi community, who acquired the whole of the essential stock and machinery of the defunct journal. The first intention of that gentleman was to send to England for a capable editor; but at the psychological moment he was informed of the arrival at Mombasa of Mr Alexander Davis, an experienced South African journalist and the editor-in-chief of the 'African Review' of London. A correspondence ensued, resulting in the engagement of Mr Davis as managing editor. Mr Davis brought out the first number of the 'Leader' on May 23, 1908, and the journal instantly enjoyed public favour. The enterprise was formed into a company, under the title of the Caxton Printing and Publishing Company Ltd., with Mr Thomas Raynes as managing director; Messrs Stephen Ellis, Dr. Hannigan, D. Cooper, and H. Howitt, directors; and Mr S.C. Fischat, secretary. Later Mr A. Raynes joined the firm as business manager.
Advertiser - Friday April 30, 1909 - Court Case - Lilian Augusta Grice vs T. Raynes - Mr Raynes wrote a letter to Mr Grice complaining that Mrs Grice had made damaging statements about Mrs Raynes such as "giving herself airs" and "being a common Jewess" and stating that "when our [the Raynes'] friend , Mr Spencer, a man of the most unblemished reputation was staying with us my wife [Mrs Raynes] only had him in the house for immoral purposes, and had induced me to make my will solely in his favour." Mrs Grice considered this letter libellous and so was suing Mr Raynes. Mrs Grice's comments had supposedly been made on a visit to Mr & Mrs Humphreys and Mrs Humphreys had then told Mrs Raynes about the comments. Judgment was given in favour of the defendant with costs; the plaintiff was not entitled to damages.
CO 533/585 - supporter of Simon Medicks application for Naturalization - Thomas Raynes, Engineer, Parklands
Member of Lodge Harmony - Joined 5/6/05 - Thomas Rayne
Red Book 1912 - T. Raynes - Nairobi
Red 25 - T. Raynes, Nairobi.
Playne - Group photograph of the Colonists' Association of British East Africa
Advertiser - 10/7/1908 - New member of Colonists Ass. Of B.E.A. - M.A.T. Rayne
Drumkey 1909 - Committee Member, The Colonists' Association of BEA
Member of Lodge Harmony - Joined 4/2/07?
Drumkey 1909

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